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Do you feel the lightweight breath of the spring? The temperature might still be chilly, but in a few months, the sun is going to rule over our fashion choices. And the shot, sunny weather always means vacations by the beach, and pool parties on weekends. But, first things first. If you are stuck with the same old swimwear that you bought with your college friends at the beginning of the 2010s, you might want to think about a little upgrade. With so many flattering swimsuit trends you will definitely find something that will catch your eye. From nature hues, asymmetrical one-shoulder swimwear, and the style vibe from the 80s to trusty one-piece swimsuits and tropical prints. Feel free to rock them all, or pick up the one that fits your style the best.

woman in a two-piece swiuit is posing on a tropical forest background

Swimsuit Trend: Asymmetry

According to StyleCaster, this summer's hottest swimwear trend is the asymmetrical one-shoulder design. This surely is a win-win style: simple, elegant, and everlasting. Paired with another summer trend — a vivid tropical print, this swimsuit is just perfect for a leisure day on the beach. Another little detail to love about this suit is the high-rise waistline, which supports the tummy area, and makes the waist slimmer.

a woman in a swimsuit is kneeling on the beach

Swimsuit Trend: Cottagecore Aesthetic

The next one-piece swimsuit for women is by Lime Ricki and it is one of my favorites. It features the cutest knotted tie under the bust and the scooped backline. The checked print featured on the suit is called Moss Gingham and it gives me the warmest cottagecore vibes. Just imagine how comfortable you will feel sunbathing in this suit in your garden? Or having a slow, evening walk by the bank of the river. You can wear this one-piece swimsuit with shorts or a skirt to make it more comfortable for a walk.

a woman in a two-piece suit is posing on a plain background with both of her hands behind the head

Swimsuit Trend: Cutouts

One of the best ways to give old classics a new twist is to add a few catchy elements to the look. Like these cute cutout details, which embellish the side parts and the middle part of the bikini top. The sweet lilac color looks fantastic on both pale, and tanned skin, and it goes well with the other trendy colors.

a woman in a one-piece swimsuit is posing on a beach close to the big rock

Swimsuit Trend: Animal Print

It would be a real fashion crime not to feature an animal print as a hot swimwear trend. Together with the asymmetrical swimwear, animal print isn't going anywhere soon, so you'll be able to rock this trend for at least a few more seasons. Combined with some other summer fashion trends, the animal print swimsuit is going to serve as a great base for the beach-friendly outfit.

a woman in cute two-piece swimsuit is posing on a beach with her face up to the sun

Swimsuit Trend: Ruffles & Ruching

Soak your body in salty ocean water and warm it under the sun in this vintage-inspired ruffled swimsuit. Those adorable ruffles around the hemline create a stunning silhouette, plus you can wear the bikini bottoms in two different ways: as a low-rise or high-rise fashion. How do you like this style?

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