a close up picture of two skin care products that lay on a furry rug

There is only one thing better than a good skincare line, that hydrates your skin and makes it feel comfortable and smooth again. And your guesses are right because I'm talking about the skincare line that comes in cute packaging! Any skincare or makeup product that comes neatly packed in adorable packaging and has pleasant packaging must occupy an honorable place on my skincare shelf among other products. Hence, as you might've already guessed, my today's post is going to be dedicated to one, actually, two skincare products like so — a Mickey Mouse Body Splash and Mickey Mouse Body Lotion by Be U brand. These two gems have been on sale in one of my local clothing stores, so I've decided to give it a try and share my thoughts with all of you

Usually, I like to start my reviews with the description of the packaging and how I like or dislike it. The reason why I do, it is because sometimes pictures of the products can not describe the actual quality of the packaging. But in this review, I would like to start with the brand, particularly with the name of the brand Be U. 

The name of the brand is the motto itself, and it perfectly describes the whole philosophy behind the brand, which I completely support and would like to promote as well. Be U, means be yourself, and don't try to follow someone else's notion of your own image. That doesn't mean you should; not follow your own goals and be the best version of yourself, but at times will all need to remember to be ourselves, for our own best.

a body splash product lays on a furry rug

Be U Mickey Mouse Body Splash

The actual reason behind my purchase, apart from the cute Disney-inspired packaging, was the fragranced body splash. Maybe, I would be able to resist the desire of buying these products, if it wasn't for the Mickey Mouse Body Splash. First of all, I would like to mention once again that I live in an insanely hot country, where the weather in the summer is just too hot to handle at times.

I can't imagine a single day without a refreshing shower session, and always like to finish it off with a touch of a lightweight fragrance on my skin. A body splash is a form of very subtle perfume, which is diluted with a big amount of specially prepared water and can be used abundantly for refreshment and aromatic purposes.

The Mickey Mouse's body splash (or spray, however you like to call it) is based on citric fruit or hear. I guess it is citrus or lemongrass. It also has a spicy touch of ginger root to its base, and a very light, sweet aftertaste to the composition. You can also feel the subtle crispiness of the green apple, and the comforting veil of vanilla. This energizing and revitalizing scent is exactly what I like to feel on my skin throughout another hot summer day. So, if you don't feel like going for an overwhelming perfume on a scorching day, a refreshing body spray is your best choice.

a body lotion product lays on a furry rug

Be U Mickey Mouse Body Lotion

And, of course, I couldn't stop only one product from the line. I also had to have the second skin companion as well the body lotion by Mickey Mouse. Isn't it as cute as the body splash? It comes in a super-convenient bottle with a pump on top, that delivers one portion of the hydrating lotion at a time. 

The formula of the Mickey Mouse body moisturizer contains milk proteins, which lead your skin silky-smooth and hydrated. The fragrance of the body lotion closely resembles the scent of the body splash, so they go together just as great as the toast and marmalade. I like to apply a thin layer of lotion to my skin right after the shower and touch it up with Mickey's fragrance.

So, in a conclusion, I would like to mention, that I don't spend a single day without using both of these Mickey Mouse' gems simultaneously. Lather, rinse, repeat, moisturize and spray, that is my to-go showering routine at the time. Just one more little tip before finishing my post, on a hot summer day, keep your body splash in the refrigerator, so you'll get an extra charge of freshness after the shower. And, if you are into citrusy fragrances and subtle skin moisturizing, you may want to give this skincare duo a try. Hopefully, you'll find it, or at least something similar, in your local drugstore.

Lots of love,