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It is impossible to find a more sophisticated and feminine swimsuit model than a two-piece tankini swimsuit. This style does wonders to a figure: it perfectly emphasizes the curves, skillfully masking unwanted volume. But what is called a tankini swimsuit, how to choose just the right model for your figure and how to wear it on the beach? Let's find out!

The History Behind Tankini Swimwear

What is a tankini? At its core, the tankini is a two-piece swimsuit that combines swimming trunks and a top with sewn-in cups for better breast support. The history of its appearance is inextricably linked with the bikini. The revolutionary look of swimsuits (bodice and rather revealing swimming trunks for that period) was not accepted and worn by all beautiful ladies. And especially for them, in the 50s, tankini swimwear was very popular at that time. Let's welcome this swimwear trend once again!

woman posing in the ocean and wearing tankini swimsuit

The Variety of Styles

• It is worth noting that he returned with significant changes in the cut. You should start with the design of the top. First, cups. Looking at the photos of fashion collections, you can see that the designers have tried to satisfy the needs of ladies with almost any figure. In tankini tops, cups can be sewn-in, in on a thin foam base, or they can support a lush chest with bones, as well as on a reliable gel strip, and even take the form of an attractive bandeau.

• Second, the straps. The variety of bodice designs allows fashion designers to use the most daring decisions regarding how and in what form to place the straps on the top, and whether to do it at all. That is why a tankini quite often takes on the features of a one-piece halter, bandeau, mayo, and even plunge.

• Thirdly, this is the length of the top itself. According to the classical canons, they should reach the middle of the thigh of a beautiful lady. But fashion designers would have been unfaithful if they had not looked at it in a new way, resulting in tankini mini swimsuits. They differ in that the bottom edge of the top is either in contact with the line of swimming trunks or is located at a distance of about 5 cm from it.

• Fourthly, it is the exquisite finish of the tops. Draperies, various edgings, bows, ribbons denoting the chest line, and even lace inserts – all this makes the tankini extremely feminine and seductive. And what about swimming trunks? Here they are distinguished by their elegant simplicity, built on the contrast with the top. And therefore, quite often, a tankini can be seen on a girl in a set in which an elongated top is combined with shorts, slips with a high, or, conversely, low waist, thongs, thongs, tangas, bikinis, and culottes.

Both parts of the tankini are sewn from high-quality water-repellent and quick-drying material that transmits ultraviolet light. The color palette is determined solely by the trends of beach fashion trends. And it remains only to understand how to choose the ideal model and in what cases is it appropriate to wear a tankini?

woman in a tankini swimsuit is posing on a beach

When to Wear Tankini?

Tankini swimsuits are a rare compromise beach ensemble that will suit a lady with almost any silhouette and measure of physical activity.

You can start with the fact that both puffy beauties and fragile charmers can wear it to go to the beach. The latter, due to the free top and push-up bodice, will be able to visually enlarge the chest. Ladies with luxurious forms, choosing underwire tankini swimsuits, will emphasize their roundness and slight elation, as well as divert eyes from problem areas.

Another indisputable advantage of the tankini is that you can easily engage in beach sports in it – volleyball, jogging on the sand and even surfing. In addition, you can wear such a swimsuit to a beach party or to go to a cafe located along the coast, if you complement it with an airy wrap skirt or translucent, loose trousers or shorts.

And, of course, tankinis are a godsend for ladies in interesting positions. The top will ideally cover the surface of the abdomen from direct sunlight, will not restrict movement and tighten, provide reliable support for the chest and at the same time allow the skin to breathe. It remains only to choose the right model.

woman in a teal tankini swimsuit is posing on a beach

How to Choose Tankini Swimsuit?

Stylists say that tankinis are the perfect solution for plus-size ladies, especially those with pear or apple silhouettes. For the former, a top in the form of a bandeau or made in the form of cascades, descending to the line in a sharp triangle, is preferable, and for the latter, with a cutout resembling a plunge.

For the Inverted Triangle silhouette, tankini models are best suited, in which the top will be made in an A-shape, and the bottoms are presented in a cut of “shorts”. "Hourglass" is the only silhouette that will suit absolutely all versions of the tankini.

As for the choice of color palette, stylists insist that solid colors are best for slim ladies, while luxurious floral or ethnic prints are best for puffy ladies. However, you should not strictly adhere to this rule, because tankinis of the correct style will allow you to choose the model you like, regardless of its shade, you should only take into account your color type.

The Takeaway

Tankini swimsuits are definitely one of those flattering swimwear trends, which will always stay trendy. Certainly, the popularity of tankini is not always going to be at its peak. Still, tankini swimsuits are going to remain the ideal solution for all the ladies who want to look extremely feminine and stylish no matter what.

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