woman from the back holding a pair of heels
Photo: Armin Rimoldi

Women and heels have a long-term and highly-affectionate relationship. Surely, we had our ups and downs throughout history, but the dry statistics prove the fact that most women cherish this type of shoes. Whether you love or hate heels, wearing them is an overwhelming fashion challenge. If you are a loyal fan of ballet flats and sneakers, doubtfully you'll be able to smoothly rock a pair of stilettos. Still, if you are looking for a little change, and ready to jump into a pair of high heels, here are five amazing reasons why you should start wearing heels.

A Few Words About the Origin of Heels

Heels first appeared in ancient Egypt under very interesting circumstances and had a strong influence on the history of fashion. This invariable element of the modern wardrobe, heels were worn only by the people from the higher class and only for ceremonial purposes. People from the lower classes did not use any type of shoes, instead, they walked barefoot.

Just a little later in Japan and China, the heel served as the guardian of morality. Shoes with high heels significantly reduced the area of support when walking, therefore the step became shorter, putting women in an uncomfortable position: they could not go far without someone's support.

Liz Breygel's legs in nude high heels

High Heels are Essential Today

Today, high-heeled shoes are an indispensable element of the wardrobe. A pair of simple high heels can lift your confidence and take your look to a new level of class. It is even recommended to add a pair of nude heels to the capsule wardrobe. They are known for their versatility!

However, even the most fashionable and elegant shoes must be presented correctly. A thoroughly-chosen outfit and a pair of perfectly-fitting heels will make your whole look on point.

Another moment worth mentioning – walking in high heels brings incredible satisfaction! They make your legs look longer, and give your posture a very special appeal. Maybe that is the reason why women conquer the world and do it in heels? So, heels Australia gives us this incredible power…

#1. Femininity and sexuality

Heels are made to attract attention. When a woman walks down the street in heels, she will always make the heads turn. It's no secret that heels can influence minds. Moreover, scientists have proven that heels help women hypnotize men! There is even a “heel theory”, according to which, the higher a woman’s heel, the more influence she radiates. Although this theory is almost not amenable to a logical explanation.

Also, women in high heels take much less time to attract attention. Surprisingly, even at work, out of two equal competitors for the same promising position, the one that walks on heels comes to her faster. The explanation for this surprising fact is rather difficult to find, but scientists suggest that the secret of the attractiveness of women in high heels lies in changes in gait, posture, and, ultimately, demeanor in general.

#2. Exciting gait

For several centuries, heels have been guarding aesthetic pleasure. This fact also has scientific confirmation and justification. It turned out that a woman who, out of all the variety of shoes, prefers high-heeled shoes in the eyes of men looks taller, more confident, sexy, and acquires a more elongated silhouette and outlined buttocks. It is also known that Marilyn Monroe, beloved by everyone, made one heel a centimeter lower than the other to create the so-called exciting gait.

a pair of women's legs in cute heels

#3. Smart and slender

It is a generally accepted fact that in heels a woman becomes taller and looks more fit. There is also an explanation for this: the fact is that the fulcrum of the heel is negligible and, accordingly, to stand on such shoes, women have to move the center of gravity to the lower back and proudly straighten their shoulders. At the same time, the legs look incredibly long and lean.

#4. Confidence and self-esteem

A woman in high heels is, most certainly, a confident woman. Such women usually get absolutely everything, as they feel comfortable, and at ease at any moment. They become "queens of the situation" and it doesn't matter what they say behind their backs.

#5. Satisfaction and feeling of joy

Recently, Italian scientists published very unexpected research results, according to which heels have a positive effect on a woman’s health and well-being. This is all because of endorphins the so-called "hormones of joy", which are actively produced in the body when we wear heels. Call it "heel therapy" and use it to your advantage, for example, to treat sadness.

The Takeaway

High heels may not be the number one shoes in the list of your wardrobe essentials, but they surely have a major influence on our fashion choices and even our lifestyle. I'm not even going to mention how much moral satisfaction we get when shopping for a new pair of chic high-heeled shoes. S, why deny yourself pleasure, at least once in a while?

Lots of love,