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Everyone knows and understands the importance of a skincare routine. However, for some reason, most of us remember it only with the first skin problems like dryness, tightness, peeling, irritation, flabbiness, and other unpleasant issues that occur. Let the beginning of the season become the start of your regular and thorough skincare, and these 10 daily rules are going to help you transform your skin.

Our Skin Is Our Life

In general, dividing the skin into sections – face and body – is not very correct: it is a single organ. And, by the way, the largest: its area is about 20 thousand square centimeters and it accounts for about 16 % of the total weight.

The skin serves as a natural "wall" between the outer and what is called the inner world. It performs a lot of vital functions: it regulates the thermal regime, saves energy, and protects against mechanical influences, bacteria, dehydration, toxins, and other harmful factors.

It also serves as a “sensor”, which is responsible for temperature, tactile, and pain sensitivity. In a word, the skin deserves careful treatment.

Another good reason is aesthetic perception. “The skin is a screen on which the internal state of the body is broadcast. Even, smooth, elastic skin is subconsciously associated with health, and therefore with beauty.”

The skin is a rather fragile organ. Changes in climate and water, lack or excess of humidity, and stress will certainly affect its quality. Also influenced by genetic characteristics, hormonal levels, and the natural aging process. But good skincare products, like Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex, can make up for a lot. But let's start by learning how exactly your routine affects the appearance and health of your skin.

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How Does the Type of the Skin Affect the Skin Care Routine?

Care, both cosmetic and home, depends on the type of skin, which may differ for the face and body. For example, the skin of the body cannot be oily, since the sebaceous glands are less active in it.

Normal skin This is when after getting out of the shower the skin does not "tighten", elbows, knees, and feet do not seem too dry, and you do not blush much (or do not blush at all) after exposure to the sun, and cosmetics do not cause irritation. The skin just needs regular nourishment and hydration. Therefore, it is enough to find light cream, balm, or non-greasy oil – it all depends on which texture you prefer.

• Dry and thin skin

This is characterized by tightness, small cracks, slight irritation, and roughness in rough areas (elbows, knees). “Dry thin skin needs intensive moisturizing with a prolonged effect,” says Tatyana Soldatenko.

This means it is better to use creams with a rich texture, nourishing oils, and cleansers in the form of a cream or milk that does not overdry the skin. The main thing is that they do not leave a sticky film and do not clog pores.

The pores located above the sebaceous glands secrete natural oil – sebum. It helps collect and retain dead skin cells, which are removed through cleansing and exfoliation.

• Dehydrated skin

Instead, it is an acquired property: even healthy elastic skin can deteriorate dramatically due to frequent visits to the solarium, excessive exposure to the sun, malnutrition, lack of exercise, and a generally not very healthy lifestyle. All this body will immediately respond with the appearance of cellulite, dryness, and dullness. Everything is fixable, but in this case, you need to take comprehensive measures: contact a beautician (he will most likely recommend several restorative procedures), use cosmetics with an anti-cellulite effect along with massage accessories, and, finally, normalize nutrition and sleep patterns.

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How Does the Season Affect Skin Care?

Another factor to consider when caring for the body is seasonality. In summer, the skin is more susceptible to insolation (irradiation with sunlight). During this period, creams with an SPF factor will come in handy. In urban conditions, it is enough to use SPF 15 or 20, but in warm countries and on the beach – SPF with a maximum protection factor.

In the fall, as we all know, there are sharp temperature changes both on the street and in the apartment. The air becomes drier, and this cannot but affect the condition of the skin.

In winter, the body will certainly require denser and richer cream and oil textures. And spring is the time when you need to prepare your skin for summer, that is, moisturize it well to restore firmness and elasticity. Fortunately, today it is not difficult to find a suitable tool for solving almost any aesthetic problem. Just remember to be regular.

Rule #1. Thorough cleansing 

The very first and most crucial stage. Foams, gels, milk – choose the texture depending on personal preferences and skin characteristics. Let it be a gentle product without soap content and preferably with lipids in the composition. Indeed, when using too aggressive cosmetic products, even normal skin will become dry.

Rule #2. Observe the temperature regime 

Remember the correct water temperature: it is better to take a shower in a warm and even slightly cool. If you like to soak in the bath, do it no more than twice a week for 20 minutes, and add bombs, foam, and nourishing oils to the water.

Rule #3. Avoid mechanical impact

It should be minimized. Gently dry yourself after showering: dab the water off your skin, but don't rub. By the way, on a slightly damp body, any remedy (and especially oil) will lie better and work more efficiently: it will quickly absorb and retain more moisture. And in general, get rid of the habit of pinching, scratching, and constantly touching the skin.

Rule #4. Removal of dead skin particles 

It is a necessary procedure for regular skin renewal. Use a fine scrub or skin polish while in the shower. But, don't use it more than 2 or 3 times a week for the normal skin type, and once a week if your skin is sensitive.

Rule #5. Toning 

Yes, yes, not only the face but also the body must be toned. To do this, you can use a lotion, it will help complete the cleansing of the skin and prepare it for the application of subsequent products. However, in the summer, you can stop at this stage in hot weather.

Rule #6. Nutrition and hydration 

The most enjoyable ritual! But we urge you to do it every day. Choose lighter formulas for morning routines. For example, the gel texture is applied and absorbed faster, which means it will not take so much time. In the evening, you can afford full-fledged care: apply cream or face balm

Tip: Products with a pleasant and soothing scent (such as lavender or rosemary) will also ensure a calm night of sleep.

Rule #7. Study of local areas 

Most often, the stomach, thighs, and buttocks are considered problem areas. But even if everything is in order, keeping them in good shape will not be superfluous. For this, fat-burning products and anti-cellulite products are suitable. Areas that get rougher also require special attention: elbows and feet. At any time of the year, they can be moisturized with more intense nutrients.

Rule #8. Healthy sleep 

The quantity and quality of sleep instantly affect the state of the whole organism. Focus on your feelings (some people need 6 hours), but we recommend choosing the best option and sleeping 8-9 hours. And put the phone away at least half an hour before bedtime: this way your brain will prepare for rest.

Rule #9. Customized Skincare

If you have a problematic skin type or allergy, regular drugstores and even high-end skincare products may not be a good fit for your skin. Make sure to consult your dermatologist, take a skin test, and get a line of customized skincare products.

Rule #10. Regular Regimen

It is not enough to have a good sleep and a bunch of good skincare products. For this routine to be effective, you have to create a regular regimen and follow it thoroughly. A combination of a healthy diet, good sleep, and good-quality supplements will work wonders on your skin! Bear in mind - do not just get the first supplement or product you see, check out what people are saying first, for example, Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex reviews will help you decide if this is right for you and your skin, so you don't have to go into it blindly. In theory, it may sound a bit high maintenance, but once you build a habit, you notice the first positive changes.

Final Thoughts

For most people, skincare doesn't come easy. Sticking to a strict regimen and following every skincare rule is not even the toughest part. Finding the right routine and picking products that work well with your skin type – these two are the hardest challenges! I hope the little rules mentioned in today's post were helpful to all of you! 

Lots of love,