a close up picture of legs wearing fishnet pantyhose and heels
Photo: Rodolfo Clix

A pair of wearable and comfortable shoes are without a doubt the most important item in everyone's closet. As much as we love to stockpile our shelves with trendy knife-sharp stilettos, and extravagant designer heels, they will never be a "to go" choice for everyday life. Most of the time we leave these designs for Instagram stories, putting our trust in shoes that are easy to style and comfortable to wear. 

In today's post, we are going to discover and define the top 10 pairs of shoes that you are actually going to need in your life. Whether you prefer versatile classics that you can wear for any formal occasion, comfortable flat shoes for everyday life, or effortless sneakers, this list is going to cover all of your footwear needs. Have I missed any pair?

a pair of woman's legs wearing nude heels

  • 1. Timeless Nude Heels

Let's begin with the timeless footwear classics, that can be styled with numerous formal and casual outfits — a pair of nude heels. These sophisticated shoes deserve the best spot in your closet, as no other pair can compare with their versatility and elegance. Nude heels will create an illusion of longer legs, beautifully blend with your skin complexion, and won't interfere with your outfit's mood.

a close up photo of legs in white sneakers

  • 2. An Omnipresent Sneakers

You won't find a single person, who doesn't own at least one pair of omnipresent white sneakers which are easily available on Vessi. These are more than just activewear. White sneakers are a lifestyle, suitable for every person who doesn't want to compromise between comfort and style.

a photo of legs wearing stiletto heels

  • 3. Must-have Stiletto Heels

As legendary Coco Chanel once said, "Keep your heels, head, and standards high", so let's pick a pair of sky-high pumps in your collection in Coco's honor. Of course, the iconic pair of stilettos is going to be your best shot, as they have a unique quality to turn any outfit into an unforgettable masterpiece. Style your pair of stilettos with a pencil skirt, wide-legged pants, or a mini dress to maximize the audience.

a photo of legs wearing almond pumps

  • 4. Almond Low-Heeled Pumps

For the days when your legs need rest, opt for a pair of sophisticated almond-shaped pumps on a medium or low heel. This pair is going to serve you well from the very beginning of the spring season throughout the summer, and up until the late fall. Wear them daily with a pair of o jeans, a short skirt, or even with something more formal like a pantsuit.

a photo of legs wearing a pair of lat ballet shoes

  • 5. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a great alternative to the previous pair of almond pumps. inspired by the style of real ballerina shoes, they quickly conquered the fashion world. Wear ballet flats on the go, and choose only the bold prints and colors to make them more fun-looking.

a photo of legs wearing strappy sandals

  • 6. Strappy Sandals

A pair of chic sandals is a must-have for summer days when the weather is hot enough to melt the pavement. My personal favorites are low-heeled strappy sandals, that go with just about anything from long, flowy skirts to high-waist shorts.

a pair of white loafers on the sofa

  • 7. Loafers for Work Days

You may love or hate the next type of must-have shoewear, yet you can't argue with their versatility and comfort. Loafers are classic slip-on shoes that have no closures, zips, or laces. You can simply slip into one of them early in the morning if you are late to a business meeting or just can't be bothered with formalities. Aren't they perfect for work occasions?

a close up photo of legs wering ankle boots

  • 8. Incomparable Ankle Booties

When the cold days come forward stiletto heels, sandals, flats, and even sneakers fade before the ankle boots. No other pair can compete with them, as ankle booties can literally be paired with any piece of clothing from your closet. The color and style of the boots are the only choices you'll need to make.

a close up photo of legs wit high heels

  • 9. A Pair of Statement Heels

Of course, no footwear collection is going to be complete without a pair of eye-catching, statement heels. They can feature the most extravagant decoration, have a unique heel shape, or have your favorite bright color, either way, a pair of such heels should become the central element of your current outfit. Combine them with the little black dress, or the plain denim suit to dilute the simplicity of the look.

a close up photo of combat boots

  • 10. The Combat Boots

Lastly, my favorite shoes out of them all. The chunky combat booties, look super-aggressive, yet feel like a pair of fluffy slippers on your feet. Important is to choose a light, wearable pair, that won't be heavy, yet goes well with all of your edgy staples from a biker jacket to skinny jeans, and a faux leather mini skirt.


So there you have it, your ultimate shoe-down for effortless style! Remember, these are just guidelines, not gospel. Don't be afraid to mix, match, and make them your own. Now go forth and conquer the world, one fabulous step at a time!

Lots of love,