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When it comes to a skin-fitting dress there are a few things we don't want to appear from underneath a thin material. Pantry lines, bra straps, and unwanted skin rolls around the underwear lines aren't the most flattering things for the dress. Luckily for all of us ladies, there are a bunch of invisible solutions we can use to disguise all of these at once. And yes, you guess absolutely right. Today we are going to find out what is the best shapewear to use under tight clothes, particularly, underneath a tight dress.

Comfort Comes First

The first and main thing to consider when choosing your body shaper for women is your own personal comfort. Shapewear is going to be the closest thing to your skin, so it must be breathable and supportive. It must feel like your second skin, that softly hugs your curves, holds your core and creates the most flattering silhouette for your type of figure. 

Tight Dress of Your Choice

Close-fitting dresses come in various styles and shapes. They may be backless, strapless, have a high-cut leg, or have an insanely deep v decollete. When it comes to such extravagant forms, the regular wide-strap bra and briefs won't be able to provide you all the necessary support without revealing their "positions", putting you at a risk to be detected. So, you may want to choose your shapewear according to the style of your tight dress.

  • If your favorite bodycon dress is backless, you should give a thought to a backless bodysuit, as it won't interfere with the appearance of your dress. A special, mesh-like insert on the buttocks area won't reduce the size of your curves, yet it will enhance its natural shape.

  • And, if you put an eye on the strapless bodycon dress, then your shapewear of choice should be a strapless bodysuit, or special high-waisted shorts, that go right underneath the bust area. This shapewear will provide you with the perfect tummy compression and slim your waist.

  • Looking for universally flattering shapewear, that you can use underneath any type of dress? Look no further, as a plus-size waist trainer is going to be perfect almost for every type of loose-fitting dress. It has wide straps that are going to support the big breasts without hurting the shoulders.

Conceal the "Violin Hips"

Hip dips also poetically called the "violin hips" are the naturally occurring inward curves that appear on each side of the hip. They are situated just below the hip bow and give your hips a curvy appearance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hip dips, every woman has them, just some have them more prominent than others. But, if you don't like how they look in a tight dress, you can always use the best shapewear to get rid of hip dip. This invisible shapewear will embrace your hips from all sides, smooth out your hips, and give them the desirable hourglass shape.

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