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What is the best thing about solitude? Most of us have learned if not everything, then a lot about this state of seclusion in the past year and a half. Trending at the moment cottagecore aesthetic, which has overwhelmed everyone's TikTok and Instagram feeds, perfectly sums up the need for humanity's need for nature and calamity. I propose you dive deeper into the cottagecore roots and dissect this fashion style. Let us begin then?

The Origins of Cottagecore Aesthetic

I believe everyone interested in fashion has seen the 2006 drama by Sofia Coppola "Marie Antoinette". If you are not among those viewers who could enjoy this visual masterpiece, I strongly recommend you add it to your watchlist. But, if you have seen this iconic movie, then you must remember a period in Antoinette's life when she was inspired by the wave of naturalism. She even asked her favorite architect to create The Hameau de la Reine – a rustic farmhouse, which served as a place for her private meetings with her closest friends.

The "back to nature" philosophy, genuine interest in agricultural life, and the cult of everything simple originated during the last two decades of the 19th century. I guess that is where the roots of the modern cottagecore aesthetic movement originate. The modern fascination with cottage living became even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, everything new is well-forgotten old.

a distant photo of Marie Antoinette's farmhouse
The Hameau de la Reine or The Queen's Hamlet

Of course, the team cottagecore is pretty novel. Like most of the "cores", the first mention of this word takes us back to the 2010s and my favorite Tumblr times. It is closely connected with grandmacore, witchcore, farmcore, and similar movements, which draw their inspiration from the rural lifestyle and nostalgic feel.

What is Cottagecore Fashion?

Naturally, the cottagecore style mixes various elements under its wide-spread fashion wings. You can feel the influence of environmentally friendly living through the abundance of second-hand pieces, some bohemian similarities, and even classic era vibes. So, if you own a pair of women's boho sandals, don't hesitate and incorporate them into your cottagecore style.

Some of the main cottagecore ingredients are breathy and flowy natural materials, like linen, silk, chiffon, and cotton. Ruffly details, floral print, farm-related embroidery (berries, fruits, veggies, insects, and animals), flower crowns, and hand-made accessories – all of these elements are usually associated with the cottagecore. 

If you are very interested in embroidery in the Cottagecore style, you can try to customize some related embroidery patches yourself. Upload your favorite pictures with Cottagecore elements to GS-JJ's design system, and you can start to design unique embroidery patches. These embroidery patches are novel in pattern and exquisite in production. You can use these embroidered patches on your favorite Cottagecore style clothes, bags, and hats, which can highlight the charm of Cottagecore even more. Welcome to making your custom embroidery patches!

creative collage with women cottagecore fashion

A calm and naturalistic color palette is another distinctive feature of the cottagecore style. Sage green, eggshell white, dusty gray, earthy brown, warm-toned neutrals. Add a few sunkissed colors like ginger, red, pink, and refreshing blue color. Apart from neutral colors, and ruffled detailing, cottagecore is also about feminine silhouettes. Off-shoulder décolleté can be mixed with a pleated or layered skirt, cropped tops, or wide-legged pants. 

How to Pull off Cottagecore Style?

If you are trying to find a romantic fashion style, which will take you back in time and still can be casually pulled off daily, then you simply have to give cottagecore a chance. You won't find a fashion style more appropriate for the end of spring – early autumn time than cottagecore. And, if you worry about pulling cottagecore style off, don't even think about this. This fashion style reciprocates to everyone who tries to wear it.

The best thing about cottagecore is that it allows you to use previously-owned fashion pieces in a new way. For example, living in the countryside always means going fishing, berry-hunting, or shooting nature landscapes for your Instagram feed. That's when a large-capacity backpack comes in handy. It will store all your cottagecore necessities, and keep your hand free. Plus, backpacks look fantastic with tomboyish cottagecore outfits, like jumpsuits and oversized sweaters. Passionate about fashion and looking to work in the industry? Discover exciting opportunities for aspiring female fashion models on Jooble.

a countryside still life with strawberries, nuts and opened book

  • Embrace natural fabrics: Cottagecore fashion is all about soft, natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool. Look for pieces that are comfortable and breathable, like flowy dresses, oversized cardigans, and loose-fitting blouses.

  • Mix and match prints: Cottagecore style is all about mixing and matching prints, so don't be afraid to experiment with florals, plaids, and gingham. Try pairing a floral dress with a plaid scarf or a gingham blouse with a floral skirt. Stick to a muted color palette of earthy tones, pastels, and neutrals to keep the look cohesive.

  • Accessorize with nature-inspired details: Add some whimsical touches to your cottagecore look with nature-inspired accessories like woven hats, beaded jewelry, and floral hair clips. Look for pieces made from natural materials like straw, wood, and leather to keep the look grounded in nature.

  • Incorporate vintage pieces: Cottagecore style draws inspiration from vintage fashion, so don't be afraid to incorporate vintage pieces into your look. Look for vintage dresses, cardigans, and blouses in soft, muted colors and prints. You can also try shopping at thrift stores or online vintage shops to find unique pieces that fit the cottagecore aesthetic.

Is Cottagecore a Form of Escapism?

If grunge makes you feel gloomy, punk fashion brings the most rebellious features of your personality, and goth style turns around your unseen side, then cottagecore brings up the most romantic urges of life. Simple and down-to-earth, still very clean and realistic. I want to believe that the cottagecore trend is more than just an eye-pleasing aesthetic movement. Let it be a whole new form of escapism from repressing reality. A whole new movement that awakens nature-friendly habits and allows us to express ourselves through something as pure, as a cool drop of morning dew.

Lots of love,