woman model in vintage clothing is posing close to the car
Photo: Joshua Rondeau

Love it or hate it, vintage fashion always finds its way back into our lives. It takes the shape of a thick cat eyeliner or camouflages itself into a pair of tortoise sunglasses. At times vintage influence can be so subtle that you will never feel how your fashion choices are affected by it. Fascinated by all things vintage, I've decided to plunge myself into the mystery of vintage fashion style. Today we are going to learn more about its history, influences, and the phenomenon behind this movement.

What is Vintage Fashion Style?

Surprisingly, the term 'vintage' has a pretty wide meaning behind it. According to The Vou, a vintage piece is any type of clothing, accessory, or jewelry, which is older than 40 years but not older than 100. Wikipedia says that a generally accepted age for vintage is between 20-100 years, and what is older than 100 years is considered antique. Vintage items also have to represent a certain style period, comprising stylistic elements. 

For instance, if you happen to find an old grandfather's cap he used to go fishing, it can't be called vintage just because it is old. But, if it features a promotional Coca-Cola logo on it, then this cap can be considered vintage. 

But, in this case, what is vintage fashion style? Generally speaking, it is a style of clothing mostly consisting of vintage pieces and elements. It can be a crazy mixture from different decades or a strict compilation of pieces from the same time. The main rule to follow is the age of clothing and its recognizable style. So, don't hurry to throw away those adorable floral dresses your mom loves wearing in her teens! You'll be able to fetch a trendy vintage look around one of them.

  • Retro, Vintage, or Vintage-inspired?

Unlike vintage clothing, which is always authentic, the term 'retro' or 'vintage-inspired' style is a copy of the original piece. Such clothing is usually less expensive and very easy to come by. Retro pieces can be used instead of the authentic vintage look when you simply couldn't find what you needed in the first place. 

There is no problem with wearing retro-styled clothing. Designers and fashion houses all around the world are inspired by vintage clothing and regularly release their renditions of old-looking collections. Gucci's old-timey chic, Paco Rabanne's retro-futurism, and Fendi's see-through femininity, anyone?

model in vintage clothing is posing on a street
Photo: Joshua Rondeau

How to Wear Vintage Fashion?

That's when it starts to get interesting and challenging. Gathering a vintage look is one thing, but when it comes to wearing vintage fashion it gets harder. Don't let me even start on the whole Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe dress at the Met Gala. You have to respect clothing, especially old and fragile clothing.

One of the easiest ways to wear vintage fashion style is to incorporate it into your casual or evening look. Try simply mixing vintage pieces with the modern and contemporary clothing you have. Another way, which I already mentioned, is to complete your authentic vintage look with retro pieces. For example, you were lucky to find an original designer suit from the 60s but can't find a matching purse or shoes? The internet and a few hours of your life will help you to solve this fashion puzzle.

How to Choose Vintage Clothing?

Despite being challenging to wear and maintain, vintage fashion is true eye candy. But, the world of vintage fashion is more than a lifestyle, it is true dedication. Whether you plan to wear this style casually or plan every wardrobe detail together with the vacation wear, vintage pieces won't be easy to come by.

Start your vintage journey by finding fashion stores, which sell authentic vintage clothing and jewelry. For instance, if you are looking for american vintage in australia, the brand American Thrift Online offers a wide range of vintage fashion styles that go beyond trends. Second-hand and thrift stores are overflowed with vintage pieces, but it will take a lot of effort and time for you to find exactly what you were looking for. Raiding your grandparent's attics and garages can also be an option, so you shouldn't neglect this opportunity!

model in vintage clothing is posing on a bicycle
Photo: Joshua Rondeau

  • Where Is the Best Place to Buy/Sell Vintage Clothes?

Wondering where are the best places to sell vintage clothing online? Well, the answer to "where" depends on your vintage treasures and target audience. Established marketplaces like eBay and Etsy are great all-rounders. eBay boasts a massive audience of collectors and casual buyers alike. This makes it ideal for a wide range of vintage items, from high-value designer pieces that might fetch a top dollar through auction to more common finds with a fixed price.

If your collection leans towards unique one-of-a-kind pieces with a backstory, Etsy might be a better fit.  This platform caters to a more curated, handmade vibe, and buyers searching for special vintage finds often appreciate a detailed description that tells the story behind the garment.

For a more social selling experience that fosters a sense of community, consider Depop or Poshmark. These platforms function like online closets, with a heavy emphasis on high-quality photos, creative descriptions, and a trendy aesthetic.

Try to engage with other vendors and people, who are interested in your products. This approach will provide a more interactive experience, especially appealing to younger demographics. Depop leans slightly more towards streetwear and 90s fashion, while Poshmark offers a wider range of styles.  Consider the overall vibe of your collection when choosing between these two platforms.


Let's try to sum up today's excursion into the history of fashion. The vintage fashion style holds a very broad sense of style and age under this title. A vintage piece is a black t-shirt from the 90s with a Titanic print on it, and the original diamond and emerald earring by Bulgari worn by Elizabeth Taylor. They both perfectly represent the time and influences from the past. With proper respect and maintenance, every fashion lover can gather a low-key vintage look and feel trendy.

Lots of love,