a close-up picture of an eye with dramatic makeup look, пастельный макияж глаз туториал

Hi, lovelies, how are you doing? I have prepared another pastel makeup look for you today, using Beauty UK's Pastels Palette. It is super easy and fun to create this makeup look, just follow these simple makeup steps and you'll get it right. So, let's begin!

colorful makeup tutorial пастельный макияж глаз туториал

1. To make your eyeshadows super-bright prime your eyes and then start to put pink color on the inner corner of the lid;

2. The next color is blue, don't forget to blend the transition between two shades;

3. For the crease use green apple eyeshadows and blend them to the brow bone;

4. Now put some purple or lilac eyeshadow on the lower lid;

5. Draw a beautiful cat line to make your eye shape even more seductive;

6. Line your waterline with the black eyeliner and finish with mascara.

colorful makeup tutorial, пастельный макияж глаз туториал

That's all, lovelies! If you don't like the colors I chose you can change them for any other pale shades. I hope you liked my pastel makeup look. Please, let me know in the comments if you would wear this makeup. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and see you soon!

Lots of love,