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Oriflame Wonder Balm | Review & Swatches

lip balm by oriflame review
lip balm oriflame
lip balm by oriflame

Hi girls, how are you? I know that for most of beauties winter winter is on it's end. Many of you are tired of winter products and all this moisturizing routine. February is the last official winter month, but March and April could be cold as well and we should not forget about  protection for our tender facial and lip skin. 

I received a package from my mom with different beauty products (mom knows how to please me) and between them I found this Wonder lip  balm by Oriflame. As I moved to Brazil I don't have an easy access to Oriflame products so I was very happy to receive this from my mom. This Wonder Balm comes totally in the same packaging as a Beauty Wonder lipstick by Oriflame but in a very pale rosy color. Wonder balm has a smell of sweet cherry, like most lip balms of this kind. I don't really like this smell, it is not very bad, just not my favorite.

Formula of Oriflame Wonder balm includes vitamins A , E and Aloe vera extract, which cares and feeds on the skin. Color is very pale, almost white with many frosty sparkles. On my lips looks almost transparent, but I think, depending on the skin shade and type, it can look like a white scurf, which is not cool. I would wear Wonder balm just under lip stick or pigmented lip gloss, I don't like how it looks alone.

Overall I can say that I really like caring formula of this balm, but I'm not a fan of it's color  and smell. But maybe I'm just too hard with this product? What you think girls? Did you try Oriflame Wonder Balm? Please let me know your opinion. I wish you a warm spring and amazing weekend!Bye, bye!

Lots of love,
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