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FOTD: Nerd Girl or Makeup for Glasses

thick big glasses, makeup tutorial for brown eyes
thick big glasses, makeup tutorial for brown eyes

Hi my beautiful ladies! Today I`m going to do a very small post and show you my Face Of the Day. Some time ago I've ordered a big plastic glasses (no lens) from internet just to play around and see how they will look on me. And I also decided to create a makeup look for girls who wear glasses and give some tips.

If you wear glasses you can be free to choose any dark or smoky makeup and look spectacular! Just make sure to prime your eyelids and cover dark circles very good, because they tend to be more visible when you use glasses, especially with thick or dark frames. Make an accent on your brows and don't neglect lash curler to prevent smudging your mascara against your glasses. It would be better to choose waterproof mascara and eyeliner, because when your wear glasses your eyes become tired faster and may begin to teardrop. If you are a fan of neutral eyes go for a bold bright lips, it will compliment your glasses and give you a very strict sexy look:)

It was very fun to pretend myself as a nerd or gamer girl :) What do you think? I hope my little tips will be useful, thanks for coming by girls. You can find similar glasses on ebay or amazon and also have some fun. I wish you to have a good time and rest well on weekend. Thanks for the visit, bye bye <3