selfie of a woman with evening makeup look and round glasses

Hello, lovelies! Did you know that eyeglasses are now considered just as hot and sexy as garters, lace, and heels? The times when girls with eyeglasses were deemed "uncool" have long passed; nowadays, "geeky" girls are taking over the world! If you're one of the fabulous eyeglasses wearers and sometimes find yourself puzzled over choosing the perfect eye makeup, worry not! I've got you covered with this informative blog post featuring a handful of invaluable makeup tips tailored specifically for eyeglass aficionados. Let's dive right in and discover these ingenious makeup hacks that will seamlessly blend your favorite makeup look with your eyeglasses.

  • Use Anti-fogger Spray or Wipes for Your Glasses

Starting off with a nifty tip that's especially handy during the chilly seasons! While not directly related to makeup, this tip is a lifesaver to keep your eye makeup looking impeccable. Combat the pesky fog that clouds your lenses by using an anti-fog spray or wipes. And don't stop there – upgrade your eye makeup game by switching to waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and eye kohl. Bid adieu to smudges and embrace pristine clarity!

  • Frame Your Beauty with Thin Frame Glasses

In the realm of eyeglass fashion, less is often more. Those extravagant, bedazzled frames might just steal the spotlight from your captivating eye makeup. Opt for sleek, thin frames that gracefully frame your face and let your makeup shine. And remember, your eyebrows are the natural "frames" of your eyes. Ensure they're well-groomed and defined to complement your stunning look.

  • Enhance Your Eyes with Complementary Eyeshadow

Eyeglasses won't hide the beauty of your eyes if you will choose an eyeshadow, that will complement the natural color of your eyes.  Applying a touch of nude or white eye pencil to your lower waterline can also work wonders, making your eyes appear larger and more vibrant against your frames.

  • Take a Good Care of the Skin Around Your Eyes

Take special care of the gentle skin around the eyes and on the bridge of your nose. Eyeglasses tend to leave red marks and lines on the skin, but you can prevent (or reduce) the appearance of these marks with a moisturizer and a full-coverage concealer. Don't forget to set these products with a translucent powder.

  • Defeat the Slide with Makeup Primer for Oily Skin

Is your eyeglass journey plagued by constant adjustments due to an oily nose? Bid farewell to this inconvenience with a specialized makeup primer designed for oily skin. Not only will it blur enlarged pores, but it will also keep excess oil at bay. When the heat is on, turn to oil-absorbing makeup sheets, commonly known as blotting papers. Gently pat your face after applying flawless foundation or whenever needed, letting the paper work its magic in keeping your makeup firmly in place.

Final Thoughts...

Gone are the days of feeling self-conscious about wearing glasses; now is the time to embrace them as a captivating accessory that complements your makeup prowess. By implementing these savvy tips, you're armed with the knowledge to enhance your natural beauty and showcase your signature style.

As you embark on your makeup journey, let your eyeglasses be the canvas on which you create stunning looks that reflect your personality and confidence. Experiment with various eyeshadow shades, play with different frame styles and savor the art of blending skincare with makeup seamlessly. 

Lots of love,