beautiful women is posing for Instagram in the field

The prom is a time to let your hair down and party and of course, we absolutely must fill our memory cards with images and video as a reminder of this very special occasion. Taking pictures is a bit of an art, although this has been made a lot easier with the arrival of the smartphone, and if you would like some inspiration for photoshoot poses and settings, here are a few that are guaranteed to please.

The Superhero Pose - If you can convince your date to wear a superhero T-shirt under his tuxedo, simply undo a few shirt buttons to reveal his true superhero identity. Even better if you persuade your friends to do the same, which would make for a great “save the world” shot. If you have yet to choose your outfit for the big occasion, check out the wide variety of 2019 prom dresses at Peaches Boutique, your leading online designer dress outlet.

girl is holding baloons for prom photoshoot

Date Balloons - These make for a great set of prom images, and with each girl holding one balloon, 2019 will always be a year to remember. Pink or blue will add some color to the image and many years from now, you will have no problem figuring out in which year the photograph was taken. If all your friends want to be included, you can add balloons that spell out P-R-O-M, which really does it.

The Classic “JUMP” Pose - Admittedly, this is nothing new, but with your camera set on multiple captures, chances are you will get one stunning photo. The more people in the shot, the harder it is to coordinate the jump (it does tire you out after a few attempts) and with some perseverance, the perfect shot awaits!

beautiful woman in a cute outfit poses on the street for instagram

The Charlie’s Angels Pose
- If everyone adopts the famous Charlie’s Angel's stance (without the firearms), this makes for a novel photo. As with all photoshoots, take as many pictures as you can and the law of averages says you’ll get at least one that’s worthy of an Instagram posting. If you are not such a confident person behind the lens, some great articles are offering some tips on how to take great photos that might help you with our technique. Make sure that you have enough memory to store the hundreds of images you will capture, and if your phone has low memory, invest in an extra SD card before the prom arrives.

The Unexpected and Unrehearsed Shot - It is a good idea when assembling all the participants to have someone standing behind you as you prepare to take the pictures, and while the models think they have time to mess around before you say “cheese”, your assistant can click away. An unrehearsed picture is far more natural and again, take as many as you can, which will give you more images to choose from for that Instagram post.

These ideas are just a few of the ways you can make your prom photographs stand out and by using all the creativity you can muster up, plus a few essential props, your pictures will be the talk of the town.

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