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Flower in Sunshine Holographic Duochrome Nail Polish | Review & Swatches

esmalte para unhas holografico blogueira resenha born pretty store
esmalte para unhas holografico blogueira resenha born pretty store
esmalte para unhas holografico blogueira resenha born pretty store
esmalte para unhas holografico blogueira resenha born pretty store

I love to manicure my own nails and never go to the nail salon. DIY manicure is an excellent method of stress relief, it helps me to relax and gives me some quality time with myself. I know it sounds a little bit too egoistic, but I highly suggest you to do your manicure at home. Even though, my current nail situation isn't how I want it to be (I'm trying to regrow my nails after an incident)  I still love my short nail and try to treat them with a new manicure each week. This week I'm wearing enchanting duochrome nail polish called 'Years'* by Born Pretty nail store.

'Years' holographic nail polish is a part of 'Flower in Sunshine' series and it has the most beautiful duochrome shade. I would describe it as a green on purple color, full of small holographic particles. When you look at your nails from the different angles and lightening, the color changes from seaweed green to a dark heather, reveling a soft holographic effect. I'm really amazing with the shade, it is perfect for the cold time of a year. 

The consistency of the nail polish isn't too thick or runny, it is perfect for application. It dries out very fast, even when applied in two coats, and has a beautiful glossy finish. However, struggled to apply a second coat. I wanted to reach the full opacity and pigmentation with a second thin coat, but the second coat of this duochrome nail polish kept smudging the first coat. To prevent this, I suggest you to apply the desirable base coat of color and only one coat of the 'Years' holographic nail polish. Of course, the final color won't be as sultry as it could've been, but this solves the issue.

On the swatches I'm wearing a base coat - coffee brown, cool-toned nail polish and a double coat of 'Years' holographic nail polish. As a top coat I used a No Smudge Clear Top also by Born Pretty. This time it worked incredibly great! It sealed my holographic manicure and made it last more than a week with minor tip chipping. The longevity exam was successfully completed!

So, overall, I really liked the beautiful duochrome shine and subtle holographic effect of this nail polish. Despite of its enchanting color I can't say I'm a huge fan of this duochrome nail polish. It isn't easy to build up the opacity of the manicure: each new coat, even the thinnest one, smudges the previous one. Of course this issue is not huge and I know how to solve it, but, maybe with a stamping plate this nail polish will work better. Autumn is always a time for a new experiments, isn't it? Try out new Born Pretty arrivals and don't forget to use a a special code LIZH10 to receive 10 % discount off your purchase, you can click the banner below to check out the whole range of the their nail and makeup products. Until next time lovelies ♥

Lots of love,
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