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MAC Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in Sable | Review & Swatches

maccosmetics makeup eyeshadows review blogger

Hi, lovelies! I'm so excited to perform you this little baby - single eyeshadow by MAC. I received it a very long time ago, but I had so many drafts and ideas for my blog that I couldn't find a place for this precious. So, when I was thinking what color I should order I just decided to choose something to compliment the color of my eyes. Mac describes ‘Sable’ as a gold plum shade with bronze pearls inside, the name of the finish is velvet.

maccosmetics makeup eyeshadows review blogger

Texture of Mac eyeshadow is super-smooth, feels like a velvet on the skin. It blends perfectly and stays for the whole day on the eyelid without fading or falling out. Pigmentation is perfect as well, even without a primer underneath. I like that ‘Sable’ is a very flexible shade - it fits with most bronze, golden, olive, champagne, and plum shade. What an awesome companion!

maccosmetics makeup eyeshadows review blogger

I liked it so much that I cannot wait until the next mac shopping. Ladies do you have some advice for me? What shade should I try next time? Please, tell me in the comments, I know that you know that you have lots of suggestions. I'm new to this brand (I know...) so I need some help! Thanks for reading me, see ya soon. Kisses!

Lots of love,