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Dandelion Blush by Benefit | Review & Swatches

benefit cosmetics review liz breygel janaury girl blogger
benefit cosmetics review
benefit cosmetics review liz breygel janaury girl blogger

Benefit has few variations of this blush - Dandelion (for fair and light tone) CORALista (light to middle beige tone) and Dallas (middle to dark skin tone). I chose Dandelion because I was afraid that famous Coralista blush will be too dark for me and my makeup will look like clowns greasepaint. 

Dandelion blush comes in a slightly vintage packaging - green paper box with a little mirror inside. Packaging is amazingly cute, but don't serve for a long time. Colors and letters fade away in a very short time and it stops to be so attractive. It also has wooden brush with very soft bristles inside, but I don't find it very useful - it is simply not comfortable to use for me. I'm sorry that my blush don't look that fresh. In few days after I bought it I dropped it on the floor and was need to repair it with alcohol. But it is still amazing and I'm using it all the time.

Dandelion has a very silky and light formula. It doesn't give you heavy cakey feeling on your face, which is a great benefit ;) Color is very very pale so I`m not afraid to go 'to far' with it. As it was described on the site it gives a very light ballerina finish look plus it makes the skin very soft, almost silky. It is not actually a blush, it is a highlighting powder, so there are lots of luminous parts inside, which make your skin shine on the sun. I was trying so hard to take a good swatch for you, guys, but Dandelion is so pale, that it was almost impossible. I did my best, sweeties.

Thank you very much for reading me, girls! Did you try Dandelion by Benefit? Let me know your opinion about it. I wish you a wonderful day and amazing mood. See you :3

Lots of love,
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