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Beauty UK Blush & Brush / Review and Swatches

Beauty UK blush brush cosmetics makeup review
Beauty UK blush brush review picture
Beauty UK blush brush review pictures
Beauty UK cosmetics review

Hi everyone! I hope you are all feeling great today <3 Today I want to share with you my thoughts about Beauty UK Blush & Brush* in a pretty summer shade called `Isla Rose`. I was not a fan of bright shades, but recently I discovered that pale skin is tend to look grey on pictures. So bright shades are actually a good way to make you light skin look prettier and even healthier. 

Blush & Brush comes in a cute plastic case with transparent cover. It includes a small brush - applicator, which I found not very comfortable in usage. There is a beautiful overprint on the blush with a Beauty UK's motto - `Make your statement`. It looks so pretty, I even didn't want to touch it with my brush :)

My shade calls `Isla Rose` which is a highly pigmented cool - toned pink colour with tiny shimmer in it. And even though it is a very bright colour, it blends out perfectly and doesen't look supersaturated on the cheeks. It is also easily buildable, and stays on the skin without fading for a long time. To reach the best results just make sure you prepared your skin well - put foundation and seal it with a light layer of powder.

Beauty Uk Blush & Brush retails just for £2.99 and they have a worldwide shipping. So if you want to look vibrant and hot this summer, you should definitely try out this product. I liked it very much, and what do you think? Let me know your opinion in comments and I'll talk to you again very soon! Bye <3

Lots of love,