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Hi, lovelies, how are you today? Recently I was walking around on the online beauty stores and trapped on these eye and lip pencils by MeNow. 12 pieces of beautiful pencils just for few dollars sounded very seductive at that moment so I decided to buy and try them out. All Asian beauty products, which I picked previously were super amazing and I was satisfied with their quality. So let's see if these pencils by MeNow are good as well.

MeNow eye and pencil set comes in a very simple plastic bag and includes 12 pencils 1,1 g / 0,038 oz each. It is a regular pencil, which you need to sharpen manually. I actually prefer to use them, because I can decide for myself how sharp and what shape I want for my pencils :) Though some girls find regular eye and lip pencils not economical. Also MeNow's pencils have a very tight cover, which is a great con for those who are as clumsy as me. I'm sure I will never lose any of these covers.

asian cosmetics menow pencils menow cosmetics

Each color of eye/lip pencils has its number and here is my little description for every shade:

001 - matte black;
006 - middle brown (red undertone) ;
016 -  light brown (yellow undertone)
019 - fuchsia color;
022 - dark terracotta;
028 - bright red (pink undertone)  ;
033 - matte white;
034 - grey silver (frost finish);
035 - navy blue;
036 - sky blue;
038 - fresh green with frosty finish;
040 - goldish olive with frosty finish.

asian cosmetics menow pencils menow cosmetics review

So most of the pencils are matte, I have just a few frosty shades in the set. They are all well pigmented and I can say they are easy to work with. The only problematic pencil for me is white, I just wish it was more creamy than hard, so I can use it on the waterline. On the other hand hard pencil stays longer on its place and don't smudge during the day. I also like that all of these pencils have triple function. As I understand they are suitable for eyes, lips and eyebrows. You can use them anywhere you want. The only thing I would change in this pencil set is color selection. I would substitute a few browns with purple or baby-pink shades.

I think MeNow eye and lip pencils set are a very good budget variant for beginner makeup artist. So many pencils to play with for a very cheap price. Thank you to stay with me ladies, I wish you all to have a good time. Kisses!

Lots of love,