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Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer in Lily | Review

revlon nail polish review swatches, revlon cosmetics review
revlon nail polish review swatches, revlon cosmetics review
revlon nail polish review swatches, revlon cosmetics review

Hello ladies! In my recent Little Beauty Haul post I told you my first impression about this spring nail lacquer by Revlon. I started to love pastel lavender shade right after all this `pastel gothic` obsession and I really think every girl should own clothes and products in his shade. Not because it is popular or something, but just because lavender shades are very feminine and make you look younger. But anyways, now it is a time to talk about Revlon Top Speed Lacquer in details and show you some pictures.

I picked Top Speed lacquer in `Lily` shade, because it compliments spring time and looks very neat and fresh on the nails. I would describe this color as a pale pastel lavender shade with a glossy finish look. Formula of Top Speed lacquer is also adorable, a little bit watery, but I think it is just because lacquer is very fresh yet. `Lily` is very pigmented, one coat is enough for full coverage, but I used two, just to make sure it will look beautiful on pictures. As it calls Top Speed Revlon claims that their nail lacquer dries in 60 seconds.And it actually dries very fast, not in 1 minute but few minutes are enough. Great news for all girls who likes to do their mani 5 minutes before hang out :) 

And now about some cons. I'm officially a housewife now so I take care about the house and dishes and my husband and everything that demands my nails to look bad :) So Revlon Top Speed lasts just for 2 days for me and after I need to redo my nails again. But I bet for girls who don't do much house work it will work longer without chipping . Or if you have a good top to protect the colour.

But overall I'm happy with this lacquer, especially with it's beautiful shade. And I think I will definitely try more nail polishes by Revlon. I hope you also liked to hear my thought. Tell me what you think about Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer in comments. Wish you an nice day ladies!

Lots of love,
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