a close-up picture of lips with bright lip makeup

Hi, lovelies, how are you doing today? I know that you are probably tired from the winter's gloom. In moments like this, I like to dilute the dull mood with something bright and fun. That's why today we are going to recreate a spring-ready lip look that I stumbled upon on my Pinterest feed. I believe it looks very original, and still very wearable. It is very simple, so even makeup beginners will have little to no trouble using this technique. Hopefully, you will like it as well! Let's begin?

a step-by-step collage on how to do lip makeup

1. So, let's begin our ombré lip look with a lip scrub. I always like to exfoliate my lips before applying lip pencil, as it may emphasize lips' dryness. After you are done exfoliating, put on your favorite lip balm, and let it absorb into your skin.

2. Next we are going to create an even canvas for the pencil. I used a pressed face powder, applying it thinly with a powder puff.

3. Now, sharpen your favorite white matte pencil. The sharp point of a pencil is easier to control, so you should always keep it sharp for makeup. Apply it right in the middle of the bottom and upper lips.

4.  The corner parts of the lips, that were left untouched, should be filled with a bright pink lip liner. It will make the lip gloss even brighter and creamier.

5. Use your finger or a small synthetic brush to gently smudge the colors, and create very soft gradient transitions between them. Keep blending and smoothing the white and pink color until you are satisfied with the way it looks.

6. Finish your bright pink ombré lip look for spring with a touch of clear lip gloss, and it is done!

How easy was that, lovelies? Do you like the final look? If the ombré lips are not for you, you should check out my adorable lip tutorial, inspired by porcelain dolls. It looks just as soft and cute but gives your look a new vibe. Thank you for visiting my blog, please don't hesitate you follow me, and I'll talk to you very soon again. Hugs and kisses!

Lots of love,