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What comes into your mind when you hear the word 'shapewear'? I bet 90% of us imagine something between infamous enormous panties worn by Miss Bridget Jones and tightly-laced Scarlett O'Hara's corset. Luckily, those days have already gone and good old granny's panties gave way to a sexy and seamless shapewear we are all using today. Apart from looking like a real-life fashion masterpiece, modern shapewear does a much better job at taming those curves and instantly defines feminine silhouette. Today's blog post I created in collaboration with Loverbeauty, an online store of the most beautiful and comfortable shapewear that helps everyone to overcome body issues and boost up self-esteem. So, stay tuned to find  out what is the best shapewear for you.

Best Women Shapewear

Shaper Shorts & Panties

Need an extra lift for the buttocks and control on your abdominal area? Then high waisted shaper panty would be a perfect choice for tight clothing like jeans, bodycon dresses, and even pencil skirts. This type of shapewear for women offers different levels of support: from light and almost invisible to firm slimming. Comfortable and seamless, just like a second layer of your own skin, shaper panties and shorts slim down thighs and smooth out belly rolls. 

The abdomen area on such shapewear usually has a reinforced double layer of special fabric, therefore it holds everything in place, making your silhouette instantly more flattering. Many shaper panties and shorts also include butt lifters which support and enhance the natural shape of the booty.

Best Women Shapewear

Hourglass Figure With Waist Trainer

Soft and curvy figures that reminds of hourglass shape is one of the most desired body silhouettes among women. And, it is not a secret that ladies like Dita Von Teese and Kim Kardashian, who are famous for their hourglass physique, do not disdain wearing specially designed waist trainers and corsets. These modern body-shaping pieces work wonders with the waist: they burn fat, keep the belly flat, and even improve the posture.

The best waist trainer for your body would be the one that, first of all, feels comfortable and does not restrict your movement. This is especially important, if you plan to wear your waist trainer to the gym. Flexible and durable steel bones are designed to support the waist and lower back area. At the same time, waist trainers can easily withstand exercising, without loosing their shape and tightness.

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Goddess Like Décolleté
Ladies with larger breasts know the eternal fashion struggle, when nothing seems to look beautiful and appropriate in the décolleté area. Thankfully, there are a ton of great shaping bras that solve all of the fashion issues. For example, the long-line bras are made for those who need extra support underneath the bust. The thick and stretchy line smooths out the chest and back area, hiding any unwanted volume. Supportive bras always features wide and firm straps to relieve the back and shoulders from the weight.

And what about the material? Does it allow your skin to breath and stay fresh all day long? All shapewear is made of light and breathable cotton and synthetic materials (spandex, latex, and neoprene). They are easy to wash and feel soft on the skin. The inside part of waist trainers and corsets is usually lined with mesh, so it is comfortable enough to be worn all day and night long. 

Do you wear shapewear? If so, what kind of shapewear is your favorite and why?

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