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Shapewear, or the body-shaping armor as I like to call it, doesn't stop to fascinate me. It is one of those fashion pieces, which always walked side by side with humanity, evolving every new century. Throughout the whole fashion history, shapewear went through a lot of changes. Still, this piece of undergarment is always meant to provide support to the body and make a perfect foundation for the future outfit. Sounds interesting, isn't it? Here are five more fantastic facts about shapewear you have never heard before.

Shapewear Fact #1: The Earliest Version

Did you know that the history of foundation garments goes back to Mycenaean Greece around 1,600 B.C? Minoan frescoes from the time feature women in their day-to-day clothing. The tight tops on these artworks look like the ancient predecessors of underbust corsets. They supported breasts from underneath and shaped waistlines. The modern body shaper wholesale is made from completely different materials, but it slims the tummy and waist just as well as its ancient relative.

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Shapewear Fact # 2: Corsets Made of Steel

One of the most interesting periods for shapewear — the second half of the 16th century. During the reign of Catherine de' Medici, the Queen of France, women of the court were forced to wear stiff steel corsets, which went right up to the throat of the wearer. Such garments looked more like torture devices rather than shapewear. These so-called corsets had the purpose of forcibly reducing the size of the waist over time until it reached the fashionable standard of thirteen inches.

Shapewear Fact #3: Sweat Promoting Material

Modern shapewear holds many peculiar secrets. One of them is the revolutionary material neoprene, which promotes sweating. This synthetic material is more durable than rubber, it is elastic and lightweight. Neoprene increases the temperature of the skin, promotes body sweating, and melts all of the unnecessary volumes away. If you are looking for shapewear for exercises try the double belt waist trainer. It will slim your tummy and hold your core during a workout.

woman wearing latex waist trainer

Shapewear Fact # 4: Marilyn Monroe's Girdle 

Marylin's figure is iconic in many ways, but, as many women in her time, she was no stranger to shapewear. Her fashionable outfits were often built upon carefully picked shapewear-like girdles and even corsets. In fact, one of her girdles was sold at auction back in 2010. So, if you want to achieve that desirable hourglass-like shape, go for shapewear, that will accentuate your curves.

Shapewear Fact # 5: You Can Wear it as an Outerwear

Good-quality shapewear comes in many styles and colors and can be worn not only underneath the clothes. Some of the models are so beautiful that they really deserve to be demonstrated to the world. Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities, who started wearing her full bodysuit underneath an oversized jacket. FeelingirlDress Black Friday will allow you to treat yourself with a brand new set of shapewear, that is worthy of styling as an outwear.


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