close-up of a hand with long nails and Tiffany Blue gradient nail look

According to Cosmopolitan's nail polish color compilation, pale blue is going to be pretty hot this spring season. With only one month and a few weeks left until the beginning of spring, I've decided to give my nails a refreshing, spring-time appropriate makeover, and share the results with all of you, my lovelies. Of course, the final result does not look as pale and subtle, as the color from the round-up, but I like it even more! And what do you think, lovelies? In any case, prepare your nail polish stash and imagination, because we have some nail design to do. 

close-up of a hand with long nails and Tiffany Blue gradient nail look

How to Do Tiffany Blue Gradient Nail Look?

To create this interesting clear-to-color effect on the nails, I executed the same low-key sponge technique as I used for my blood-stained Halloween nail look. However, this time instead of covering my nails in a regular clear top coat, I varnished them with shimmering nail polish called Tranquil Forest. It has a lovely pistachio-green hue, charged with elusive golden particles, which beautifully glister under the sun's rays.

woman's hand holding two bottles of nail polishes

As you can see, most of the nail plate isn't covered in opaque nail polish, instead, it is revealed and emphasized with a glossy top coat. The tips of my nails I dabbed with a makeup sponge generously damped in Blueberry Macaron stamping nail polish by Born Pretty. To get even coverage with no bubble and empty spaces re-apply the nail polish a few times, softly and slowly blending the transition between the actual pop of color and bare nail plate. 

close-up of a hand with long nails and Tiffany Blue gradient nail look

The final nail look is both vivid and subtle, matte and shimmery. Because of its versatility, you can wear it daily and for fun occasions. Certainly, the ombré nail technique isn't beginner-friendly, you might need some practice before reaching the satisfying result - seamless color transition and even coverage. If you are interested, I plan to write a blog post with detailed instructions and pictures, that will help you learn the uneasy ombré technique. 

Lots of love,