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Weddings are the most exciting moment in every couple's married life and nothing, even the unhappy events connected with Covid-19, can overshadow this significant event. Of course, the world is going to experience the post-pandemic crisis for some time, even after the official ending of the global lockdown. Most of the big wedding events have been rescheduled for the next year, but if you and your partner aren't ready to postpone your plans, a few ways will help you to minimize the costs and still have the wedding of your dreams. So, in today's post, we are going to find out how to hold the most memorable celebration of your life, without breaking your family's budget.

#1. Revise the Wedding Plans

Based on some independent research, the average US wedding cost is around $25.000, which is quite a serious number. You can buy an actual four-bedroom house and start your life in a cozy new neighborhood. So if you and your partner aren't ready to spend the funds on one event, you should start by revising your wedding plans. 

Take the time to go through the list of your guests, and, if possible, opt for an online ceremony for long-distance relatives and friends. This will not only save your budget but will also nullify the spread of any disease. The same goes for pre-wedding events like bridal showers, bachelorette's, and bachelor's parties. Gather your best friends in front of their notebooks, cell phones, and PCs and stream the party. For maximum fun, save the stream to re-watch it later.

#2. No Dress Code

One of the main wedding expenses is formal clothing. Fancy suit for the groom, expensive designer dress for the bride, and her bridesmaids, and a bunch of beautiful formal wear for every guest. Cut on your clothing expenses and cancel the dress code for your event, and you will save money for yourself and your guests as well. When shopping for bridesmaid dresses go for less expensive options. 

Shorter, simple bridesmaid dresses, made from thin, summer materials will cost your besties less and they can wear them more than once. Remember, cheap bridesmaid dresses do not mean they have to be made with low-quality material, have bad cuts, or look unsatisfactory. 

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#3. Change the Venue and Organize Catering Yourself

Holding your wedding on a private beach or exotic botanic garden would be unforgettable, but the more breathtaking the location, the more expensive the cost. Instead of renting a chic venue with its own infrastructure, build your very own romantic location right in the backyard or on a local farm. There are so many fantastic decorations, which you can use to make up your rustic or farm wedding theme. And when you are one of those who need to complete a lot of assignments and deadlines are approaching at lightning speed. Contact studycrumb and get the most effective solutions. 

The same goes for catering services. Why pay more, when you and your friends can organize your own food and drinks! Check out thematic Pinterest boards for some inspiration, upcycle some natural decorations, borrow some furniture, and add a few key elements around the venue. For example, a creative this must be the place neon sign can be the signature feature of your DIY wedding theme. 

#4. Ask for Crowdfunding and Discounts

And, finally, don't be shy to ask your friends and relatives for a little financial aid. As a substitute for wedding gifts, you can open a crowdfunding page and gather the necessary amount of money to make the wedding of your dreams come true. Another thing you can do to save your budget on your wedding ceremony during the Covid-19 pandemic is simply asking your wedding vendors for a little discount. In exchange, you can propose them a free promotion on your social media accounts or allow them to stream your wedding ceremony so that they can attract more clients.

#5. Do the Makeup & Hair Yourself

Bridesmaids, mother of the groom, mother of the bride, and the bride herself spend around $100 on makeup and an additional $100 on hair look. It is quite an impressive budget, which can be spent on catering or lighting. A great alternative to this would be doing your wedding makeup look and hair yourself. Bridesmaids and other guests of honor can join you, turning the pre-wedding routine into a little fun event. Let everyone bring their own makeup products, accessories, and helpful tools. Watch some fun videos, and play beauty-related quizzes and you'll be able to save some money and enjoy the process.

The post-pandemic world won't be the same, but it will definitely improve in many ways. As the Bible said: “There is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to its faith, its hope, and its endurance” ‒, so we all should continue to believe in better. Don't be afraid and say to postpone your wedding, or cut on some of the expenses, because your health and the health of your close ones should always stay a priority, especially in such uneasy times like now.

Lots of love,