woman applies makeup on a bride on a wedding venue
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On average, the typical bride spends approximately $100-$150 on her wedding makeup look. This is understandable, as every bride wants to look radiant on her special day. However, even glamorizing your look can stretch your wedding budget a bit. What if you could save some money on your bridal makeup and use it towards other wedding expenses? Let's take a look at 10 surprising ways and strategies to help you feel and look like a million dollars for much less.

  • #1. The simpler, the better (and cheaper):

To know the exact amount of makeup products and time you'll need for your bridal look, you need to choose a particular makeup look. Usually, the simpler your bridal makeup look is, the more affordable it turns out to be. Heavy theatrical lashes, sequins, glitter, and dramatic contouring will not add anything valuable to your simple wedding look, but they usually cost the client extra.

  • #2. Do your wedding makeup look yourself:

Nobody knows your face as well as you do. So, the most obvious way to save money on your bridal makeup is to do it yourself. Start practicing right away by improving your makeup skills every day before the bid day. Bridal makeup tutorials on YouTube and TikTok will help you to perfect all the techniques, and Pinterest boards will inspire you to experiment.

  • #3. Ask for a discount:

There are many cosmetic stores, isles, and brands that offer bridal makeup looks with discounts. Try writing preferred brands via Facebook or Instagram, schedule an appointment, and discuss the possibility of a discount. Offer them free exposure through your media accounts, and don't forget to tag them on your professional portrait photos. Who knows maybe they will even offer you a free bridal makeover as a little wedding gift from the brand.

portrait of a bride with a beautiful, soft makeup look
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  • #4. Don't tell the makeup artist you are a bride:

When it comes to the bridal makeup look, all the prices on services suddenly rise up to the sky. Where regular customers pay a satisfactory price, brides pay twice or even triple as much. Your makeup artist doesn't have to know you are the bride. If you opt for a very natural and light makeup look for your wedding, your makeup artist will never guess the exact occasion.

  • #5. Buy only essential makeup products:

A bridal makeup bag doesn't have to be the size of a Nomatic 40-liter Travel Bag. It can have only a few essential makeup products for the bridal look of your dreams. After deciding on the style of your wedding makeup, write a list of all the makeup products you'll need. Later, cross out the products you already have at your disposal.

Ultimately, you'll need to purchase only a few new makeup products. Wholesale makeup stores that buy products in bulk and sell individually will also save your wedding budget.

  • #6. Run a test drive before the wedding day:

Testing all makeup products may save your budget in the long run. So, it is best to try out every and every one of the products and tools you will be using on day X. Don't be afraid of experiments with formulations and application methods. Where the cheaper brands may work surprisingly well, a more expensive luxury makeup may fail the texting! Additionally, if some of the products don't work the way you expected them to work, you'll have enough time for a plan B before the ceremony.

  • #7. Stock on makeup samples:

A frugal wedding is an ideal time to use all of those carefully saved coupons, discounts, and gift cards. The same goes for all of those makeup samples and miniatures you never knew where to use. Ask your friends and relatives to bring various makeup samples they have for your bridal shower. Altogether you can choose, test, and pick some of the best makeup products to become a part of your final wedding makeup look.

makeup artist applies wedding makeup look on a bride
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  • #8. Check out affordable makeup brands:

Do not underestimate the power of cheap makeup brands. Just because some of the products are inexpensive does not automatically mean they are low-quality. Online makeup reviews, in-store feedback, and advice from your friends will surely help you pick out the best cosmetics for your wedding makeup.

Some of my personal favorite brands are Bourjois, Essence, NYX, Pupa, and L'Oréal. You will easily find them in the nearest drugstores and even test them out before buying. If you aren't sure what exactly to choose, go for the simplest, the most basic products like eye pencils and kohls neutral eyeshadows, and lipsticks. These always come in handy for everyday looks and special occasions.

  • #9. Ask for makeup advice:

Don't be shy to involve other people in your wedding preparations. Ask your friends and relatives for affordable makeup help, and they will definitely get back to you with a piece of advice. There is definitely someone around you who loves and wears makeup a lot. They will be able to offer their hand free of charge, helping you avoid some common and uncommon makeup mistakes. Certainly, they will lend you a pair of false lashes, a makeup brush, or a few drops of high-quality foundation.

  • #10. Buy makeup products on sale and use cashback services:

Online shopping has become a beloved option for many makeup lovers, and it's not hard to see why. With the abundance of unlimited deals, enticing sales, and generous cash-back services, a bride-to-be can significantly cut down expenses on a wedding makeup look. As the highly anticipated Black Friday, Double Eleven, and Halloween sales approach, it's the perfect time to consider shopping for wedding makeup during the upcoming shopping season.


Well, these are the top 10 best ways that will surely help you to save some money on your wedding makeup. Remember, your wedding should be a day of joy and celebration, and these money-saving ideas will ensure you look your absolute best without any financial stress. Your wallet will thank you, and your confidence will shine on your wedding day!

Lots of love,