a close-up image of woman's eye with an elegant bridal makeup look in nude an brown shades, semi cut crease and eyeliner

When preparing for today's blog post, I noticed that it has been a while since I last shared any makeup tutorials, and truth be told, I've truly missed creating them. So today, I'm excited to guide you through creating a stunning, yet very simple and versatile makeup look perfect for many special occasions such as weddings or proms. 

While some may consider a bold cat-eye wing to be too dramatic for a wedding, I'll demonstrate how you can effortlessly customize this look to suit your style. Below, you'll find a series of simple makeup steps to help you achieve this elegant look. Are you ready to begin?

collage with makeup steps showing how to do elegant bridal makeup look in nude brown shades, semi cut crease and eyeliner

How To Do Elegant Bridal Makeup For a Wedding Ceremony?

  • Start with a pencil...

To begin, ensure you have a sharp matte brown pencil. We'll utilize this pencil to outline the foundation of our semi-cut crease. Before moving on, remember to apply an eye primer to ensure the longevity of this exquisite look throughout the day.

  • Draw cut crease...

Start the cut crease creation process by filling in the outlined shape with your brown pencil. To maintain a simple and elegant appearance, softly blend the edges using a small synthetic brush.

  • Set the pencil...

Progress to the next makeup step by setting the pencil with a matte eyeshadow, preferably one that closely matches the pencil shade. Blend the edges seamlessly to achieve a flawless transition. Use a nude, matte eyeshadow to help with the blending.

  • Add highlighter...

It's time to illuminate the corners of your eyes and the brow bone for added depth and radiance. I've opted for a very light, nearly white highlighter type on my lid, but feel free to choose a shade that suits your preference. Pastel shades like peach, rosy, or lavender can be particularly enchanting for bridal looks.

  • Line your eyes...

Now, we move on to the eyeliner, a crucial step for accentuating your eyes. Skillfully line your eyes, crafting an elegant wing that complements your chosen eye makeup. To intensify the gaze, don't overlook the upper and lower waterlines. To complete this captivating look, consider applying false lashes for added drama and allure.

collage with makeup steps showing how to do elegant bridal makeup look in nude brown shades, semi cut crease and eyeliner

Let's summarize...

That's all, a simple and elegant bridal eye look is done! This makeup will look beautiful on any eye shape and any eye color, it is versatile and sophisticated. If you aren't a fan of neutral eye looks, you can choose any other color for the semi-cut crease that will match your style, mood, and outfit. If you are looking for a springtime-appropriate bridal makeup look, check out the sage green bridal makeup tutorial on my blog. The fresh, green eye makeup look is going to be a perfect makeup option for your spring wedding ceremony.

Lots of love,