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It is day three of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge, and today I'm going to talk about uncommon mistakes we all do while putting makeup on. How to fix, avoid, and learn to improve these little makeup faults. I tried to gather the top five untypical mistakes and tried to explain the reasons why they happen. Are you ready to begin?

photo collage with woman's cakey face and loose powder product

Makeup Mistake #1: Makeup Powder Overload

Healthy facial skin is not absolutely matte but has a normal percentage of skin oil. As a result, healthy skin does not look like an even matte surface of a porcelain doll and has a glowing, dewy look. Instead of using a huge amount of matte pressed powder throughout the day and intensively 'baking' you're under the eyes area, use a thin coat of fine translucent powder to set your favorite foundation.

Your skin will look very beautiful and natural and the makeup will feel lightweight. If you have an oily skin type and struggle with excessive production of the skin oil, try using a different makeup primer or changing the foundation. It is never a good idea to misuse powders, a cakey makeup look will not make your skin look better.

photo collage with matte and shimmering eyehadows

Makeup Mistake #2: Picking Shimmer Finish Over Matte

Glitter texture and shimmer finishes look good only when applied neatly and wisely. If you have very dry, acne-prone, oily, or mature skin shimmer will only emphasize your skin texture and fine lines. One of my favorite makeup artists and a famous YouTuber Wayne Goss always suggests using matte finishes instead of screaming shimmers and crazy glitter, even though they are so popular at the moment. Try to substitute your favorite blinding eyeshadows with a matte version and I bet you will like your new look.

collage with two images: woman's lips with nude makeup look and an pened tube of nude lisptick

Makeup Mistake #3: A Wrong Shade of Nude

Every girl should own a perfect nude lipstick and probably every girl out there is an eternal search for the ideal shade. One of the biggest makeup mistakes we all make but never pay proper attention to this is the wrong shade of nude. Sometimes the color can be too light, too cold, or warm for your skin tone. Rumor has it that you can find your very own shade of nude, by matching your lipstick to your nipple color

The only thing you need is to take off your shirt and examine your nipples. The lipstick does not need to match them exactly, just choose the shade that is close enough. Another way you can choose your perfect nude lipstick is to follow the simple makeup rule – ''mine, but better''.This rule may be applied to every makeup question you have. Choose a nude lipstick that is the same color as your natural lips, but the color is more intense, clear, and has a beautiful finish.

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Makeup Mistake #4: Black Waterline on Small Eyes

White eye pencil on the bottom waterline was my main makeup companion for a very long time. Almost all professional makeup artists say how it can make your eyes look bright and 'awaken'.White eye pencil hack can also be useful if you want your eyes to appear bigger or you can follow my big anime eyes makeup tutorial and shock everyone with your doll-inspired look. 

However, if you don't plan to look like a doll, but want to slightly emphasize your natural eye beauty use a beige nude eye pencil for your bottom waterline. Beige, sand, and cream shades are light enough to brighten your look and neutral enough not to spoil your makeup.

makeup artist applies makeup on to model's face

Makeup Mistake #5: Uneven Foundation Application

We all learned the lesson about the absence of makeup foundation on the neck. But do you apply foundation on your ears and the inner part of your nostrils? I saw tons of beautiful makeup looks, spoiled by red ears and prominent blood vessels. When applying makeup foundation don't forget to pay a little bit of attention and swipe some product on your ears, neck, and nostrils, set it with powder and you are ready to go.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to makeup, we all want to achieve flawless and stunning looks. However, even experienced makeup enthusiasts can make mistakes that hinder their desired outcome. Hopefully, after today's post, you'll be avoiding these uncommon makeup mistakes. In fact, you'll learn how to enhance your makeup game and achieve flawless results.

Lots of love,