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At the end of the previous year, I have experienced a slow stagnation on my blog. I had no energy and inspiration to develop and provide quality content here on January Girl. Every day, and every night I was thinking about this complicated blog moment and did not think of anything better than to return to the origins. To distract my very own mind and put this dysfunctional energy in the more productive stream I've decided to challenge myself with a 30 Days Blog Challenge.

The main goal of this popular Blogger Challenge is to develop as a writer and blogger, to attract new readers to your blog, and, of course, to refresh your own blog, filling it with new interesting content and ideas. There are many pre-arranged 30 days blogger assignments on the internet from other bloggers, who made this challenge on their blogs, but I've decided to create my very own 30 days tasks. As a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger my tasks are a soft blend between these themes and I gladly invite every blogger out there to share with me this complicated, but the thrilling journey.

Little Tip: be sincere and straight, don't be afraid to express your real opinion and position toward the topics. Don't choose beautiful words and just write whatever you feel and if you don't feel like writing, skip the day! This challenge is meant to open the borders of your blog and take you to new undiscovered places. You can reuse and remake your older blog posts and pictures.

beauty fashion blogger month 30 day challenge intro how to january girl

During this 30 Days Blogger Challenge, I will finally finish all my old blog drafts and expand different ideas that were gathering dust on the blogger shelf. Also, a 30 Days Blog Challenge is one of the best and easiest ways to start your blog. These tasks will help you to be motivated, keep the schedule, and have topics to talk about every day.

The 30 Days Blogger Challenge

[Day 01] 30 Days Blogger Challenge Intro
[Day 02] Your Blogging Routine
[Day 03] Uncommon Makeup Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
[Day 04] First Aid Beauty | Makeup Survival Kit
[Day 05] Current Beauty Wishlist
[Day 06] Blogging Essentials For Productive Work
[Day 07] Unusual Beauty Icons
[Day 08] Favorite Fashion Style
[Day 09] What's In My Bag?
[Day 10] Rock The Night | Party Makeup Look

[Day 11] Favorite And Least Favorite Makeup Trends
[Day 12] Your Favorite To Go Everyday Makeup Look
[Day 13] Top Five Makeup Products Under 5$
[Day 14] Five Favorite Blogs To Read
[Day 15] Monochrome Makeup Look Using Your Favorite Color
[Day 16] Your Morning Beauty Routine
[Day 17] Your Bedtime Beauty Routine
[Day 18] Your Current Eyebrow Tutorial
[Day 19] Perfect First Date Makeup Look
[Day 20] Favorite YouTube Channels

[Day 21] Sick Day Makeup | How To Look Your Best When You Don't Feel Good

[Day 22] Get The Look | Celebrity Makeup Inspiration
[Day 23] Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Own
[Day 24] Favorite Nails Of The Day
[Day 25] Your Perfect Makeup For Instagram Selfie
[Day 26] Things Every Blogger Should Know
[Day 27] Five Favorite Instagram Bloggers
[Day 28] Favorite Makeup Trick
[Day 29] How I Did My Makeup In High School?
[Day 30] No Makeup Selfie | How To Look Great Without Makeup

To make the task easier follow a very simple blogger schedule, write at least 30 mins every day. If you don't feel inspired to write a big blog post, write a few simple sentences. I really hope some of you my blogger fellows will join me and, please, stay tuned to keep up with my 30 Days Blogger Challenge. 

Lots of love,