popular insta-blogger who does creative makeup looks

Day number 27 brings us a blog post about our favorite Instagram bloggers or how we like to call these creative people — insta bloggers. Here is a very modest list of makeup artists and other original people who I like to follow on Instagram and who inspire me to create beautiful editorial makeup looks myself.
popular insta-blogger who does creative makeup looks

Ida Ekman

Ida's account was one of the first ones I started to follow after I discovered a passion for original and unusual eye makeup looks. I still can't believe you can create so much wonderful makeup, using only basic products like a liquid lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. Ida is well-known for her original eyebrow filling technique and I hope to master my skills and get at least a little bit closer to her level.

popular insta-blogger who does creative makeup looks

Ewelina Niemiec

Ewelina's makeup looks are very different from what I have seen before. She loves to add delicate flower petals, small buds, and lots of glitter and colors. That's why such eye makeup looks are like little art masterpieces, they are fragile and last for only a short time. It is hard to take your eyes off these little flowerbeds, you want to admire Ewelina's creations all the time.

popular insta-blogger who does creative makeup looks

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie and her Instagram account is the only fashion blogger on my today's list. She also owns an incredible fashion and lifestyle blog Faiiint. Stephanie never stops to amuse me with her casual goth outfits. They are always black, very simple and classy. She describes her own style as a 'grown-up goth style' and it is a perfect definition for this dark simplicity. I definitely recommend you to check out her Instagram account, especially if you need some fashion inspiration.

popular insta-blogger who does creative makeup looks

Marie Dausell

Marie Dausell is a famous professional makeup artist. Her makeup looks are always super neat, clean, and minimalistic. I love how she combines strict plain lines with bold colors and glossy finishes. Her works inspire me to try out new techniques and prove that sometimes the less is more.

popular insta-blogger who does creative makeup looks

Lou Von Bright

And the last in my list, but not the least insta-blogger is incredibly creative and beautiful Lou Von Bright. I still can't figure out how she creates eye and lip makeup arts, that feature candle tears and Gothic jewelry. She is a very talented makeup artist and I want to try and recreate a few of her amazing artworks.

Of course, there are so many more interesting accounts on Instagram, this was just a small list of those people, who I like the most at the moment. And what are your favorite Instagram bloggers?

Lots of love,