beauty collage with three glitter makeup looks

Hi guys and welcome to day 11 of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge. Today we are going to discuss some of my favorite and least favorite makeup trends. I believe that every makeup trend out there has its right to be popular and, obviously, most of them are going to disappear, but sooner or later we are going to catch them once again. That's why today we are going to looks at some of these trendy looks once again.

Glitter Everywhere

In 2017 glitter took over every social media feed. I can't say I hate glitter, but sometimes it is getting too much. A few months ago coffee shops even started to put glitter in hot beverages, can you believe it? According to the article from Independent magazine, glitter should be banned, because of its huge environmental impact on our planet. Even one of the most famous makeup artists on YouTube Mikey from channel Glam & Gore created a video message to attract more people to this problem.

beauty collage with three frosty lip looks

Frosty Lips

Frosty pale lipsticks were trendy in the '90s and these 'disco ball' lips tried to make a comeback in our lives once again. The truth is that frosty lips look very dull and bad on every complexion, especially if you have a thin lip shape. Classic nude lips look so much better, than any frosty (pearly, satin) lips, you just need to find your perfect nude shade. Try choosing a nude color, that is the same or almost the same as your natural lip shade, but a little more intense and has a beautiful finish.

beauty collage with three soul eater lip makeup looks

Soul Eater (Lollipop) Lips

You might have seen soul eater lips while scrolling your Instagram feed. Some might think this lip makeup isn't appealing, but I love to experiment with soul-eater lip looks. It is when the lip line appears to be very smudged, almost like you've just had a passionate kiss with your love. Soul-eater lips aren't wearable, but it is a great technique for beauty shots.

beauty collage with three glass skin makeup looks


I'll be honest with you, I'm a little bit tired of contouring. Even the famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown claimed that she hates contouring and most of the time it looks like dirt on the face. Probably the best alternative for those who want to step back from dramatic contorting, but still emphasize a beautiful bone structure is strobing. What is strobing? Strobing is a highlighting technique when you apply a lot of highlighters on the highest points of your face and skip contouring. But highlighter overload can also look as awful as too much contouring. The rule less is more works for strobing as well.

beauty collage with three glossy eyelid makeup looks

Glossy Eyelids

Definitely not something you would wear daily, but glossy eyelids look so beautiful in pictures. You can easily achieve glossy eyelids by applying your favorite thick lip gloss over the eyelids. Some makeup brands even have special products for glossy eyelids like Mac Studio Eye Gloss or NYX Lid Lacquer.

beauty collage with three colored mascara makeup looks

Colored Mascara

I know that Jenna Marbles was making fun of the girls, who wear colored mascara, but this trend gives me nostalgic vibes. One of my first makeup products was awfully old, and almost dry blue mascara, but it was so bright and made my lashes long and voluminous. I don't know the brand or origin of this colored mascara, but I wish I had it now. And what are your favorite and least favorite makeup trends?

Lots of love,