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Shopping for your perfect prom evening dress can be an overwhelming experience and a difficult task. The start of a new prom season brings brand-new fresh fashion trends, but there are still some eternal prom staples with some long-lasting effects on the whole prom industry. Why wait until the actual start of the new prom season, when we can forecast some of this trend today? Today I'm going to talk about these everlasting prom dress trends, which I have gathered for every taste and occasion. 

fashion collage with stunning and trendy prom dresses

Pretty Pastels

One of the easiest ways to stay stylish and pretty on your Prom Night is to wear pastel shades, especially because marshmallow pastels are going to be trendy this season. Soft pastel colors look great on every complexion, they are easy to style and look wonderful with some simple accessories. You can never go wrong wearing a pastel prom dress!

fashion collage with stunning and trendy prom dresses

Royal Satin

Smooth and soft satin fabric can make any simple dress look elegant and glamorous. Even though the satin trend may not be for everyone, this fabric can beautifully emphasize curves and makes the silhouette hyper-feminine. Don't miss a chance to shine on your Prom night and impress all your classmates, choose a floor-length A-line silhouette dress, that will accentuate your personality and style. 

fashion collage with stunning and trendy prom dresses

Like  A Mermaid

Every little girl wants to be a real mermaid. Once started as a frisky childhood dream, but now you can realize this fantasy and wear a beautiful mermaid prom dresses of 2018. Floor-length mermaid dresses are super popular, mainly because of their marvelous silhouettes - they closely fit your figure on the top, typically to the knee, and from there lively flare out, giving the whole look a fantastic fishtail look.

fashion collage with stunning and trendy prom dresses

Beads & Pearls

This fashion season designers decorated almost all their fashion pieces with pearls, beads, and sequins, so the more of these small details will embellish your dress, the better. Give your preference to a plain prom dress with a simple silhouette and detailed bead or pearl embellishments. A sheer flowing fabrics and lace inserts will accentuate the lightness of your look, together with fine jewelry.

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