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[Day 25] Perfect Instagram Makeup For Selfie

how to instagram makeup eyeliner cut crease tutorial

Hi everyone! We all probably scroll through our Instagram feed and wondering how all those beauty  gurus do their flattering makeup looks? Today is day 25 of my everlasting 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge and I'm going to reveal you few makeup secrets that will help you to take perfect Instagram selfies.

Cut Crease

Almost every perfect Instagram selfie features cut crease eye makeup technique and it is one of my favorite makeup techniques. It is perfect for those people, who have small eyelids, but want to make them look bigger. All you need is a sharp eye pencil, small synthetic brush to apply concealer and eyeshadow and clean blending brush for seamless blending. Check out my Cut Crease Eye step by step makeup tutorial and try out this technique yourself.

Dramatic Cat Eyeliner

All those gorgeous Instagram beauty gurus have mastered their eyeliner skills and wear dramatc cat eyeliner on all their pictures. Still struggling to perfect your cat eyeliner? Try out one of my favorite makeup hacks Bobby Pin Eyeliner and draw a perfectly shaped and even wings for your Instagram selfie.

False Lashes

The less is more - a rule I follow in my everyday makeup, but when it comes to Instagram makeup looks I love wearing long false lashes, even though they aren't comfortable to wear. If you have a small or hooded eyelids, like myself, choose false lashes with shorter lashes in the inner eye corners.

Plump Lips

Not everyone has plump and juice lips, but makeup was invented for everyone, who is dreaming to look like Angelina Jolie and doesn't want to put beauty injections in lips. The only two things you need to get those sexy lips are lip liner and lipstick. Here is very simple step by step Plump & Juicy lip tutorial for everyone, who needs some extra help and tips.

Highlight & Contouring

And probably the most important thing, that distinguish Instagram selfie makeup is a very strong contouring game. Try using neutral or cold shades of brown for your contouring, otherwise it might look orange and very unnatural. Blending is a key for perfectly beautiful and newt contouring. If you have an acne prone skin, try avoiding highlighting and contouring problematic areas.

Of course such makeup usually looks good only on fancy Instagram accounts, in real life dramatic contouring and highlighting looks like a dirt and false lashes irritate eyes and bother natural eyelashes. Less make-up is always better, let your natural beauty shine and don't cover it with makeup overload. That's all for today lovelies, tomorrow is a new day an we are going to talk about Typical Beauty Blogger Problems and what are the basic difficulties every beauty blogger meets on the road. Keep up with my 30 Days Blogger Challenge and don't forget to follow my Twitter, like January Girl on Facebook and browse my makeup looks on Instagram. Love you guys, hugs and kisses ♥

Lots of love,
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