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Hi, lovelies, how are you? Did you have a chance to read my previous blog post, where I share with you my Morning Beauty Routine? Today is day 17 of the challenge and I'm going to share with you my very simple bedtime beauty routine, which guarantees a relaxing night of beauty sleep. My experience proves that it is just as important as well-balanced morning self-care. So, without further ado, let's begin?

 Start by removing the makeup...

After a long day of wearing makeup, the first thing I like to do is take it off. For regular makeup, I love using Avon Nutra Effects Micellar Water. It's very mild, has no scent, and perfectly removes regular foundation and mascara. 

One of my favorite oil-free makeup removers is Balea Eye Makeup Remover. You can read my full review of this remover here. On days when I apply waterproof makeup, I remove it with pure apricot oil. It gently removes waterproof mascara and eye pencils while caring for the skin. 

• Taking a relaxing warm shower with essential oils...

The next step in my bedtime beauty routine is taking a soothing, hot shower, which is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. To enhance the relaxation factor of my evening shower, I enjoy indulging in the luxurious scents of various essential oils, such as lavender, sandalwood, or eucalyptus. These oils not only create a tranquil atmosphere but also help me to relax.

The heat of the water helps to reveal the aromatic vapors, making the shower-taking process extra pleasant. Otherwise, I like to use a shower steamer like this one hereSuch a simple, low-key home spa helps me to refresh my mind and forget about my troubles.

Beauty Collage with various things for a beauty routine

• Moisturizing and hydrating thirsty skin...

After the shower and peeling procedures, I like to apply Blueberry & Argan body lotion by Hidramais. For my face, I use either the Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream by Missha or the Stemology Cell Renew Overnight Moisturizer. Both of these creams work wonders in deeply hydrating my dry skin, and they never leave an unpleasant oily residue.

To enhance the absorption of the moisturizer and ensure it penetrates deeper into my skin, I adore using the Pore Smasher by Banish. This step is truly the highlight of my bedtime beauty routine. I can gently massage my face with this roller for an extended period because it is incredibly soothing and relaxing. It not only aids in product absorption but also promotes a sense of calm and well-being, making it the perfect way to wind down before bedtime.

• Time for a hydrating face mask...

From time to time, I use facial masks to deeply cleanse or moisturize my skin, but most of the time I forget about this crucial step. My all-time favorite for skin moisturizing is a homemade avocado face mask. The next essential step in my skincare routine is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask because it's the only thing that effectively helps me moisturize my dry lips. I love to apply a thin layer of this mask right before I go to sleep, ensuring my lips stay soft and supple overnight.

In addition to these products, I've been experimenting with different serums and treatments to address specific skin concerns. Currently, I'm using a vitamin C serum in the morning to brighten my complexion and a hyaluronic acid serum in the evening to keep my skin hydrated and plump. These additions have really elevated my skincare routine and have helped me achieve a healthier and more radiant complexion.

Remembering to take care of my skin has become a self-care ritual I look forward to every day. It's amazing how these small steps can make a significant difference in the overall health and appearance of my skin. So, if you're like me and sometimes forget about skincare, finding a routine that works for you and incorporating products you love can make all the difference.

• Time for a beauty sleep...

After completing these self-care steps, I love watching and reading something nice, kissing my husband, and preparing for a restful night's sleep. A bedtime beauty routine may seem more laborious than a full day of work, but it plays an important role in maintaining skin's youth and general wellbeing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. Wishing you a wonderful night's rest and the rejuvenating sleep your body deserves. I look forward to reconnecting with you tomorrow. Goodnight, and take care, my dear readers!

Lots of love,