beauty blogger Liz Breygel shows her no makeup selfie

I'll be honest with you, guys, posting these no-makeup selfies is a little bit uncomfortable for me, but only a few years ago this would be absolutely impossible. But as the years went by I started to realize that every person looks beautiful in their own skin. There is absolutely no need to invest a huge amount of money on expensive skincare products and makeup to be good-looking with no makeup. It is day thirty and today we are going to discuss how to look good and feel comfortable without any makeup.

Beauty Sleep

Full, eight hours of beauty sleep are crucial for repairing your skin. It is almost impossible to look your best if your skin looks tired and dull. Try to stop using your notebook and other electronic gadgets before going to bed, don't eat heavy food, and, what is especially important, don't read the news. Positive thoughts will guarantee a long and relaxing beauty sleep.

Skin Care Routine

I don't think I need to explain why do we all need a methodically arranged skincare routine. Clear, healthy, and glowing skin demands good caring and nourishing on a regular basis. The result of such a consistent skin care routine will be a beautiful skin complexion and you won't need to use a foundation to hide imperfections.

Healthy Hair

Beautiful and shiny hair emphasizes the beauty of your face and draws attention to your eyes. To keep your hair good-looking, try using healthy alternatives to blow-drying and styling. Avoid harsh hair treatments and stop brushing your hair when it's wet. Check out my Important Hair Care Tips post to find out more uncommon hair tips that will help your hair to look flawless.

Natural Eyebrows

My eyebrows look absolutely dull without makeup, so if you are young and still have gorgeous bushy eyebrows, stop tweezing them right now. You can always remove extra hairs, but it will be very hard to grow them back.

That's all for today, lovelies. This was the last and final blog post for my everlasting 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge. Tomorrow I'm going to post a roundup with every blog post I've done throughout the challenge. I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has visited my blog during this challenge, everyone who liked my posts. I`m grateful to have you here, and, see you very soon, in my future posts.

Lots of love,