beauty and skincare collage wishlist

Hi guys and welcome to day five of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge! I don't remember when was the last time I shared with you my beauty wishlist, so today I'm going to show you what are my current makeup, beauty, and skincare cravings. What can be better than a little window shopping? It always helps me to raise up my mood and helps me to prevent rash purchases.

1. Glow Pot in Polished | Topshop 

This product is almost iconic. I have heard so many positive reviews and saw beautiful swatches of this cute highlighter. The metallic champagne finish and creamy texture will grant your skin a fresh, dewy look. I definitely want to try it!

2. Honey Lip Scrub | Lush

Dry lips' skin is my everlasting challenge and without a doubt, I need more beauty helpers in my arsenal to solve this problem. Honey lip scrub by Lush is a super yummy treat for the lips, made with a combination of creamy white chocolate, aromatic vanilla, and castor sugar. Don't forget, it is not a dessert, but a scrub that will smooth and moisturize your lips.

3. Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream | Holika Holika

Aqua Petit Jelly is my all-time beauty craving, I want this BB cream for so long, but I have too many BB creams and foundations at the moment. Even though everyone is obsessed with Gudetama Face Cushion by Holika Holika, I still want to try out this bb cream. It comes in super adorable packaging and renewed formula. 

4. I Want Candy Scented Nail Polish | Essence

Essence is one of my favorite budget-friendly makeup brands. Their new nail polish collection looks very interesting and the fact that these polishes are scented makes it even more attractive. 'I Want Watermelon' color is probably my favorite and I hope to try it.

5. Mood Recipe Face Blush | 3 Concept Eyes

At the present time, I struggle to find a perfect blush color for my complexion. 'Mono Pink' is a faded salmon pink shade and, in my opinion, it perfectly suits any complexion. This whole 'Mood Recipe' collection by 3 Concept Eyes looks very appealing and seductive.

6. Lid Lacquer | NYX

What can be better than a glossy eyelid look? Of course, it is not an everyday makeup, but I love to create a different strange look for my Instagram account. Lid Lacquer by NYX is like a lip gloss, but for your eyes. After you are done with eye makeup dab this lacquer all over your eyelid for a shiny finish. Available in clear and black.

7. Prime Time Eye Primer | Bare Minerals

I always need a good eye primer that makes my makeup last all day long. Prime Time eye primer is silky and lightweight, you only need a small amount of product to cover the lid. I really hope to try it out myself.

8. White Milk Pack To Foam | 3 Concept Eyes

The skincare line by 3 Concept Eyes is beyond praise and have you seen those cute little packages? White Milk Pack helps to remove extra oil and dead skin cells with the cleansing force of clay and whitening milk properties. Oh, how I need this cleanser for my crazy nose blackheads!

9. Hello Happiness! Brush Cleansing Soap | Essence

And the last product for today, but not the least is a special cleansing soap for brushes and again by Essence. This little helper removes dust, dirt, and grease from the makeup brushes and keeps the shape of the bristles. I hope it is just as good as Essence claims.

That's all for today! Keep up with my 30 Days Blogger Challenge, feel free to join in and improve your blog as well. Please let me know what is on your current beauty wishlist and if you have tried any of the products I was talking about today. See you tomorrow!

Lots of love,