My Blogging Routine
Picture by Corinne Kutz
Blogging is a difficult task that demands concentration, inspiration, and dedication, especially if you plan to work on your blog on a regular basis. At the very beginning of my blogging journey, it was very hard to catch the right rhythm and find inspiration for my blog posts. Today I continue my 30 Day Blogger Challenge and I'm going to talk about my usual blogging routine. All about how I plan, write, take pictures, and where I find inspiration and new interesting topics.

  • Planning the Upcoming Blog Post

Most of my blog posts were planned long before I posted them. I like to quickly note the drafts, blog titles, and ideas right here on blogger. Later I come back to these drafts and finish them by developing the idea and adding a few pictures. Depending on the content of a blog post it can take me up to three-four hours to create one blog post. 

When it comes to pictures, sometimes I can photograph a few or more products or clothes. This method helps me save some time because setting light stands and a mini photo studio can be a real struggle. Sometimes I use a daily planner to keep my thoughts and ideas well-organized.

Inspiration is very important when it comes to creating a blog post. Everything can serve as a source of inspiration! I like to browse through fashion magazines, Instagram accounts of designers, makeup artists, and, of course, reading bloggers. At times, random pictures, and even quotes can inspire me to write a huge blog post. You should never underestimate the power of illustrations and words. On bad days, when I don't have inspiration or wish to write a blog post, I simply try not to work.

  • Pictures for Blog

Photography is the main attraction to your blog, so it is very important to take beautiful and clear pictures for your blog. In one of my previous blog posts, I was talking about photography and how to take and edit for your blog, check it out for some interesting tips. It is my favorite part while working on my blog post. I take pictures of my improvised mini photo studio, which I created myself from a simple cardboard box. I also use two light stands that help me brighten up my pictures.

My Blogging Routine

  • Writing & Editing Blog Posts

First of all, before the start, I do online research about the topic I want to talk about. If it is a makeup product I would like to learn a little about the brand and the list of ingredients. If I talk about fashion subjects I also like to check a few fashion magazines and read Wikipedia, before writing an article. Writing a new blog post can take me from 30 minutes to a few hours and I also like to re-read and check my posts with the help of online spelling tools or (Word Counter)

After I finish my blog post I add all the necessary tags, search descriptions, and always fill in the picture details. Then I save a post as a draft and wait for the appropriate time to post it. The best time to post your new blog post is morning somewhere between 6 am-8 am on Monday and Thursday.

My Blogging Routine

  • Posting | Sharing Your Post with the World

Right after I posted a new blog post I share it on my Google + profile and saved it in the January Girl collection. Then I spread the love via Google + communities, related to beauty, makeup, or fashion theme. After I head to my Facebook and Twitter and share my new blog post there. Pinterest is an amazing platform to share pictures from your latest blog post. I definitely suggest you install a Pin button in your browser, it will make sharing even easier. 

Sometimes I share my blog post on Instagram, especially if it is a makeup look or a product review. I also leave a short URL (use BitLy shortener)  link to my new blog post in my Instagram bio, so people can easily find my new blog post.

There are few blogger platforms like BFRow, GlamExpress, and Bellashoot where I always share my new blog posts and pictures. I absolutely recommend you check them out as well. It is a great way to stay in line with the latest blogging, beauty, and fashion trends. Do you have a special blogger routine, while writing your blog posts? Maybe you follow some interesting rituals or rules that help you with the task?

Lots of love,