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Hi everyone, today I'm going to share with you my top five favorite blogs that I read from time to time. To tell the truth, it was a very complicated task to choose only five blogs, especially because some of the bloggers stopped posting their content regularly and I really wanted you to check them out. But, despite that, I still come back to these resources for some inspiration and that's why I included them in my today's blog post.

Raspberry Kiss

Shannon is the girl behind the terrific blog Raspberrykiss. I love the way she reviews makeup, skincare products, and jewelry pieces. Every time I need a dose of blogging inspiration I reach out to Raspberry Kiss. Even though we don't know each other, she is one of my secret blogging buddies and I have learned so much by reading her blog posts.


Andrea and her blog Rosychicc was one of the first blogs I've started to follow and read. Ever since I started blogging I always needed a nice blogging example, so I can improve my very own blog. She was always inspiring me with her reviews and hauls. Andrea is the reason why I started this 30 Days Blogger Challenge, but if she finished it many years ago, I only started it this year. It is a shame Rosychicc rarely updates, but I still have hope for new interesting content.


Leesha is the first makeup guru I've subscribed to on Youtube and only later I've discovered her blog. She is one of the old-school beauty gurus with a huge experience in the sphere. I still love her videos and blog posts and I think she deserves more recognition. In case you need some detailed reviews with good swatches and a professional view of the popular makeup products, you should definitely check out the xSparkage blog and her YouTube channel.

Eat My Knee Socks

Unfortunately, Michelle stopped updating her blog about a year ago, but I still come back to check out her older blog posts. She has the cutest fashion style ever and I admire the way she combines her outfits. I hope this year muse will visit her once again and her fans and I will see many new blog posts at Eat My Knee Socks.

Couture Girl

I remember the Couture Girl blog since 2014 when the design and content of this blog were a little bit different. Now, Kayleigh Johnson is a very famous blogger and her blog post are so interesting and professionally written, that even such big publishers as Vogue, GQ, and Harper's Bazaar can be jealous of her popularity and audience.

Of course, there are so many different bloggers I love reading daily and most of these lovely bloggers deserve a bigger audience. Please let me know what are your favorite bloggers, I want to check out their corners and learn something new. Do you think blogging in 2018 is still a good and fresh idea or blogging is dead? 

Lots of love,