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YouTube takes up a large and very important spot in my everyday routine. I always write blog posts, clean, garden, and cook with some interesting video plays in the background. I won't hide that YouTube videos are the reason behind my serious makeup addiction! Watching beauty-related content on YouTybe can be an enjoyable way to enhance your makeup skills. Today is day 20 of my neverending Days Beauty Blogger Challenge and here is my small list of my top four favorite YouTubers. These people inspire me and lead me through the path of the makeup journey.

These content creators have gained expertise in the field of makeup artistry and share their knowledge, tips, and techniques through their entertaining videos. By tuning in to their channels, you'll have access to a vast array of makeup tutorials, product reviews, and beauty hacks that can help you develop and refine your own skills. Plus, their honest opinions and recommendations can assist you in making informed decisions about which products to invest in. Let's find out who I love watching the most!

a portrait of Mykie from Glam and Gore youtuber

Glam & Gore

I want to start with Mykie from the famous beauty channels Glam & Gore. In my opinion, she is one of the most creative and talented makeup artists on YouTube at the moment. I found her channel a few years ago, but since that time her channel and audience grew very much. I like that her videos aren't just regular tutorials, but a short artistic movies, with incredibly spooky (but in a good way) atmospheres.

Whether Mykie turns herself into a fantastical creature or recreates iconic movie characters, her artistry and passion for all things glam and gory are truly mesmerizing to behold. Her videos not only inspire but also push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of makeup, making Glam and Gore a must-watch for any beauty enthusiast seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.

a portrait of Leesha from xsparkage youtuber


Leesha is a creative beauty blogger, vlogger, and makeup artist behind the xSparkage channel and one of those 'old school' long-term YouTubers. Her makeup setup video was one of the first-ever beauty videos I saw on YouTube. I remember how incredibly huge and various her makeup collection seemed to be a long time ago, but now it is even more impressive! Leesha is also one of my favorite beauty bloggers, you can find some seriously interesting reviews with swatches and tips on her blog. Recently she opened up a new channel with her daily vlogs, where she shares her everyday experience.

a portrait of Wayne Goss youtuber

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is an incredibly talented and professional makeup artist, I don't imagine my makeup journey without his astonishing advice. His works are always simple, classic, and sophisticated, but his makeup techniques are so advanced. I can watch his makeup tutorials for hours and they never get boring. I highly recommend you check out his channel, if you seek some professional advice.

Wayne Goss has made a significant impact on the beauty industry with his eponymous makeup brand. With a focus on creating high-quality products that deliver professional results, Wayne Goss has curated a collection that caters to every makeup enthusiast's needs. From luxuriously soft brushes that blend seamlessly to finely milled powders that provide a flawless finish, each product is thoughtfully crafted to enhance the artistry of makeup application. 

a portrait of zWinnieYap youtuber


zWinnieYap is a talented and charismatic makeup YouTuber who captivates her audience with her innovative and artistic approach to beauty. She specializes in anime and cosplays eye makeup looks, but she has some amazing fantasy makeup tutorials on her channel as well. With her infectious enthusiasm and detailed explanations, zWinnieYap effortlessly guides her viewers through her mesmerizing makeup transformations. 

And even though she never reveals her face on camera, her anime makeup tutorials are very interesting to watch, even if you are not going to cosplay anime characters. I love looking at how she transforms her eye shape with the help of a few basic makeup products, her skills, and some circle lens. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned makeup enthusiast, her tutorials and tips are sure to inspire and push the boundaries of your own artistic expression. She is incredible!

Let's Summarize...

That's all for today lovelies, you can click the links to check out the YouTube channels I was talking about. And who are your favorite YouTubers? Please let me know in the comments, I want to check them out as well! You can also gain YouTube Subscribers to get more popularity on social media. Don't forget to keep up with my 30 Days Blogger Challenge and I'll talk to you tomorrow, hugs and kisses.

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