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As a content creator who has worked from home for more than a decade, I constantly find myself stuck in a repetitive working cycle: you wake up, drink a cup of coffee, pet your cats, and turn on your computer to dive into the magic world of keywords, permalinks, and social media. The only few things that help me to break away from the dull home office routine are the small necessities, that help me through the day. Things like a quality thermal mug, a pair of warm home shoes, and even a comfy keyboard make a huge difference for someone who works from home!

So, if you know someone who works from home, Christmas is the perfect time to give them a gift that will help them make the most of their remote work experience. Whether you're looking for a cool tech upgrade, a cozy workspace essential (these are so must-have!), or a fun way to help them relax and relieve stress, this list of the 20 best gifts for home office workers has you covered.

  • #1. A Noise-Canceling Headphone Set | Price range: $50 to $500

Working from home often comes with its fair share of distractions, from household noises to barking dogs and loud neighbors. A noise-canceling headphone set can be a game-changer, allowing your friend to focus on their tasks without being interrupted by outside sounds. Look for budget-friendly options that still offer excellent sound quality.

  • #2. A Standing Desk Converter | Price range: around $100

Sitting for long hours can take a toll on one's health. A standing desk converter is a fantastic gift that enables your friend to switch between sitting and standing while working. It promotes better posture, reduces the risk of health issues, and boosts productivity.

  • #3. A Comfortable Desk Chair | Price range: $50 to $200

Investing in a comfortable and ergonomic desk chair is a must for anyone who spends extended hours at their home office. Look for affordable options that provide good lumbar support and adjustable features to cater to individual preferences.

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  • #4. A Good Quality Monitor | Price range: $300 to $600

A larger, high-resolution monitor can significantly enhance your friend's productivity and comfort. It provides more screen real estate for multitasking and reduces eye strain. Look for deals on monitors during the holiday season to find a budget-friendly option.

  • #5. A Desk Organizer | Price range: $15 to $50

A clutter-free workspace leads to better concentration and efficiency. A desk organizer can help your friend keep their pens, paper, and office supplies neatly organized. Opt for stylish and functional organizers that complement their home office decor.

  • #6. A Gift Certificate to a Coffee Shop or Workspace | Price range: $20 to $50

Sometimes, a change of scenery can do wonders for productivity. Give your friend the gift of flexibility by providing them with a gift certificate to a local coffee shop or co-working space. It allows them to escape their home office when they need a change of pace or want to meet clients in a professional environment.

  • #7. An Insulated Coffee Mug | Price range: $10 to $50

A cozy insulated coffee mug or tumbler with a fun or inspiring design can brighten up your friend's morning routine. It's a simple but thoughtful gift that will remind them of your friendship during their coffee breaks.

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  • #8. A Desk Plant | Price range: $10 to $50

Adding a touch of greenery to the home office can boost mood and productivity. A low-maintenance desk plant, such as a succulent or a snake plant, can thrive in an office environment and make the workspace more inviting.

  • #9. A Set of Pens and Pencils | Price range: $5 to $100

Quality writing instruments can make a big difference in one's work experience. Consider gifting a set of high-quality pens and pencils that write smoothly and comfortably. Your friend will appreciate having them on hand for note-taking and brainstorming.

  • #10. A Cute Notebook | Price range: $5 to $25

A notebook is a versatile home office tool for jotting down ideas, making to-do lists, and keeping track of important tasks. Choose a notebook with a stylish cover and quality paper that will make your friend eager to put pen to paper.

  • #11. A Mouse Pad | Price range: $5 to $20

A mouse pad with ergonomic features and a unique design can add a touch of personalization to your friend's workspace. It also provides a smooth surface for precise mouse movements, enhancing their overall computing experience.

  • #12. A Gift Certificate to an Online Retailer | Price range: $10 to $500

If you're unsure about your friend's specific home office needs, consider a gift certificate to an online retailer that specializes in home office supplies. This allows them to choose the items that best suit their workspace requirements.

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  • #13. Desk Accessories Set | Price range: $20 to $50

A desk accessories set can include items like a stylish desk pad, a document tray, a pen holder, and a business card holder. It's a fantastic way to help your friend keep their workspace organized and looking sharp.

  • #14. Adjustable Laptop Stand | Price range: $30 to $100
For those who primarily work with laptops, an adjustable laptop stand is a thoughtful gift. It allows your friend to elevate their laptop screen to eye level, reducing strain on their neck and improving ergonomics.

  • #15. Task Lighting | Price range: $20 to $200

Good lighting is very important for eyes and productivity. A task lamp with adjustable brightness and color temperature settings can provide your friend with the perfect lighting conditions for their workspace.

  • #16. Cable Management Solutions | Price range: $5 to $20

Tangled and messy cables can be a real eyesore and a tripping hazard. Consider gifting cable clips, organizers, or sleeves that help keep cables neatly organized and out of the way.

  • #17. Inspirational Wall Art  | Price range: $10 to $50

Decorating the home office with inspirational wall art can add a personal touch to the workspace. Look for prints or canvases with motivational quotes, beautiful landscapes, or artwork that resonates with your friend's interests.

a dark aesthetic handmade journal on top of a rose-gold furry rug

  • #18. Wireless Charging Pad | Price range: $10 to $50

A wireless charging pad is a convenient addition to any home office setup. It allows your friend to charge their smartphone or other devices without dealing with tangled charging cables.

  • #19. White Noise Machine | Price range: $20 to $30

Sometimes, complete silence can be distracting. A white noise machine can create a soothing background sound that masks other noises and enhances concentration, making it an excellent gift for a focused work environment.

  • #20. Personalized Handmade Journal | Price range: $10 to $100

A handmade journal is a unique and personal gift that can inspire creativity and organization. Crafted with care, these journals often feature intricate designs, quality paper, and a special touch that commercial notebooks lack. Your friend can use it for daily journaling, brainstorming, or simply jotting down their thoughts, making it a cherished addition to their home office. Personalize it further by choosing a journal cover that reflects their interests or style.


Whether you're looking for a tech upgrade, a cozy and functional home office essential, or a fun way to help them relax and de-stress, there's something on this list for everyone. Keep in mind that the best presents we receive and give are the ones that come from the heart. So take some time to think about the person you're shopping for and what they would really appreciate. And don't be afraid to get creative! The most unique and thoughtful gifts are often the ones that are remembered the longest. Merry Christmas to all the people who work from home! We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Lots of love,