couple in a rose gold colors
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Fall wedding season is going to arrive in just a few months, and if you consider holding your wedding during the last warm months of the year, then you should start planning your ceremony ahead. Hopefully, the Covid-19 pandemic will end by September 21st, and, before then, we have a bunch of time to realize all the necessary wedding preparations. Soft and glamorous, feminine and festive rose gold wedding themes fit the chilly fall atmosphere like no other color scheme. 

Thus, if you don't plan to dress your bridesmaids in fall-appropriate burgundy dresses or spend your wedding day shrouded in leaf foliage, then you should definitely take a second to appreciate the beauty of the rose gold color. To help you with the choice for your wedding color palette, me and SposaDresses came up with a bunch of inspirational ideas, which will certainly leave you no other option, but to go with the rose gold flow.

collage with rose gold wedding decorations

Why Choose Rose Gold Color for Wedding?

Rose gold wedding theme is one of the most versatile and popular among other metallic schemes. It is both soft and glamorous ‒ a perfect balance between two festive moods. It can serve as a main color of choice or could be a tiny colorful accent on your wedding invitations, cards, and decorations. For sure, rose gold isn't as popping as yellow gold and not as blinding as pure silver, but it is just as easy to combine this blushy shade of pink with other colors in one scheme. For example, you can incorporate a few darker colors like navy blue or marsala, or mix it with the burned orange and rustic shades of yellow to give your rose gold wedding theme some fall vibes.

Rose Gold Metal for Wedding Rings & Bands

Delicate rose gold wedding rings are to-go accessories on your big day. The best thing about this metal is that you can't go wrong with it. Whether you prefer a classic diamond option, a modern and simplistic band, or the graceful glazing of small crystals, rose gold is one of the best variations. Make sure to check out vintage rose gold jewelry, as it fits the spirit of the whole wedding day so perfectly.

If you feel like there is something missing from your rose gold wedding puzzle, don't be shy and add some sparkle. Rose gold sequins are so beautiful, they can never spoil your sophisticated wedding dress or rose gold bridesmaid dress. Give your girls freedom to choose their own unique shades of rose gold for an ombré touch to your wedding theme. By the way, mismatched bridesmaid dresses are one of the top wedding trends this year. Add final elegant details to your bridal look: rose gold wedding shoes on a high heel rose gold fine jewelry, and, of course, a lightweight bridal veil.

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