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Matching your bridal attire with the bridesmaid's dresses sounds like a wonderful idea. It is probably the easiest way to keep the flow of the visual part of your wedding set-up, especially if you don't have a particular wedding theme you want to follow. However, the idea of matching the bride's and bridesmaids' looks isn't original. If you are a bride who loves color trends and fashion experiments, you deserve to make the most non-trivial decisions for your ceremony.

If you opt for a classic white wedding dress or choose between any other shade of white, like eggshell, ivory, pearl, or diamond white, then bridesmaids' white dresses aren't an option. At the same time, white and shades of white play well with almost any other color, therefore it is going to be easy to pick a beautiful bridesmaid's dress color. There is no need to search for too long and go too far for inspiration. An online retailer My Chic Dress helped me to find the most inspiring bridesmaids' dresses in sweet shades of pink. 

If you want your bridesmaids' dresses to be unique and incorporate some of your wedding's symbols, you can DIY some custom badges. Custom badges can be great for all the little touches you want. It can decorate the dress and belongings as well as be a keepsake for all your guests. 

Badges are also great as outfits to match. Add a relaxed and upbeat atmosphere for the bride and bridesmaids. Help make your wedding more personal and unique. As a wedding badge, you can have both the groomsmen team and the bridesmaids team adorned with badges. Go ahead and customize it on PinBadges Co.

Top 10 Pink Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Colorful Wedding Theme

bridesmaid in pink long dress

  • 1. Hot Pink

The classic combination of black and white is frequently used for many formal and informal ceremonies. But why opt for traditional combos, when you can take your duochrome wedding to a whole new level with black and pink colors. Gloomy and sophisticated black wedding dresses have gained a certain amount of popularity over the past decades. Therefore, sweetly colored hot pink bridesmaids' dresses are going to contrast beautifully with the bride's gown, don't you think?

bridesmaid is posing in the studio in a beautiful dress

  • 2. Salmon Pink

Salmon pink is a truly majestic shade. It combines the hotness of the orange, mixed with the innocence and tranquility of faded pink. This shade works amazing for three different times of the year: young spring, hot summer, and chilly fall. Pair it with mint green, burnt orange, and light blue colors.

bridesmaid is posing on a street in a beautiful dress

  • 3. Orchid Pink

The first mention of orchids as a name for the color was recorded back at the beginning of the 20th century. It can vary in saturation, and undertones, but can be described as a bright pinkish-purple color with a prominent cool undertone. With the rising popularity of pink color, there is a big chance that prom dresses in 2023 will be in this shade of pink. Don't miss the trend, and dress your bridesmaids in orchid pink.

bridesmaid is posing in the studio in a beautiful dress

  • 4. Strawberry Pink

The next beautiful color for the bridesmaid's dress is strawberry pink. A soft mixture of red and pink, not as saturated as hot pink, or orchid pink, therefore it is easier on the eyes. Strawberry pink will go well with the hot time of the year, and with the rustic and vineyard wedding themes.

bridesmaid is posing in the studio in a beautiful dress

  • 5. Neon Pink

According to Marie Claire magazine, hot pink was the hottest color this summer. No wonder, as people wished for something vivid and eye-catching after the lockdown. And, let's be honest, neon pink is the first shade that comes to everyone's mind when we think of pink. Consider neon pink dresses for your ladies, and don't forget to match them with other colorful elements. These will help you to reduce wedding expenses while keeping the color palette solid.

woman posing in the studio wearing bridesmaids dress

  • 6. Dusty Rose

You are the biggest fan of the book "The Thorn Birds"? Then you will recognize this shade of pink in thousands of others. Dusty rose or "ashes of roses" was a color of Meggie's iconic dress. A pale-rosy shade muted with gray. This color definitely deserves to be remembered and memorized through a fresh wedding ceremony.

woman posing in the studio wearing bridesmaids dress

  • 7. Watermelon Pink

Strawberry pink may look a bit too harsh for some color palettes. But don't fret, as there is a lighter, more subtle version of this shade. Watermelon pick closely resembles strawberry pink but looks less saturated. Match it with white, silver, and gold.

woman posing in the studio wearing bridesmaids dress

  • 8. Powder Pink

If you have a post-pandemic, budget-friendly wedding ceremony, pick up cheap bridesmaid dresses with your friends. Something wearable that can be worn casually after the wedding is over. For instance, powder pink, rose gold, or nudish pink fit every skin tone. This shade of pink is easy to find and easy to style with other basic colors.

woman posing in the studio wearing bridesmaids dress

  • 9. Magenta Pink

The magic of magenta color lies in a perfect mixture of blue and red colors. It is very romantic, deep, and posh. Some may say that it looks more purple than pink, but I wanted to include it as a pink color inspiration. Magenta is just as popular for homecoming dresses, prom dresses, and semi-formal cocktail dresses, as for bridesmaids.

woman posing in the studio wearing bridesmaids dress

  • 10. Lemonade Pink

And, for the last, I left a lemonade pink shade. It is very similar to the blushing pink, and powder pink shades. Though, it is warmer and has a sunnier yellow to it. It goes well with pure white, creamy, glacier gray, and fresh green colors. Ideal for summer and the beginning of the fall.

Let's summarize...

As we close the book on this blushing affair, we hope your heart is singing in shades of rose, fuchsia, and everything in between. Choosing the most charming bridesmaid dress can feel like navigating a sea of tulle and chiffon, but with our top 10 picks and a sprinkling of color inspiration, you've charted a course for a wedding party that radiates elegance and joy. 

Remember, this isn't about uniformity – it's about celebrating your bridesmaids' unique personalities while weaving them into a harmonious tableau. Embrace different shades of pink, experiment with silhouettes, and let their inner goddesses shine through.

Lots of love,

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