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Gone are the days when to learn about beauty hacks, physical makeup classes were mandatory to attend. With the evolution of social media, makeup tutorials are just a click away. YouTube videos on how to enhance your beauty and makeup skills are going viral through thousands of makeup artists or simply makeup enthusiasts.

For sharing tutorials on beauty and makeup, the best and most promising medium is to post a video of the same on YouTube, Instagram, or even Tiktok. However, before you go ahead and make your video viral, here are some of the tips regarding the setup, what to do, and how to refine it when making a tutorial so that it looks attractive and appealing to the world.

Basic Steps to Shoot a Makeup Tutorial

  • Find the right spot;

  • Record the video;

  • Edit the tutorial wherever required;

  • Add subtitles;

  • Your masterpiece is ready to be exported and shared with followers.

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The Setup Required When Making a Makeup Video

You can kickstart with the basics in a small room with a clear backdrop, ample lighting, and an iPhone for recording and editing the video.

Some of the basic gears for the setup are:

iPhone - The easiest, most convenient, and most affordable option for filming a makeup video is to use an iPhone or any other smartphone brand.

Cellphone stand - Adjust the height of the cellphone and the rotation angle, based on the requirement, using a cellphone stand. However, if you are using a DSLR, or a compact camera, then you would require a solid tripod and a 128G SD card for storage.

Ring light - Lighting plays a pivotal role when shooting a video, and using a ring light would create a flattering catch light to capture the eyes. It would provide constant and ample light, thereby enhancing your attractiveness in front of the camera doubly.

External mic - An external microphone would enhance the quality of your audio, along with the video. A versatile clip-on mic can do the job for you conveniently.

Editing software - Once done, to trim the unwanted clips, you would need a video editor. Also, to add text, audio, and other visual effects to it, you can choose one depending on your budget.

woman recording video with smartphone near ring lamp
Photo: George Milton

How to Film the Video Using a Smartphone

  • If you are shooting for YouTube, you need to keep your phone horizontal for shooting a makeup video and vertically for TikTok and Instagram. Next, you need to flip the camera lens to front-facing and adjust the posture and composition as required. Services like Tokmatik will help you to promote and popularize your TikTok account, organically growing your audience.

  • Now turn on the ring light, and set the color temperature to 2700-3000k for soft and warm light. Use an external mic for recording, or you can even use the in-built voice memos available on most smartphones.

  • Next, start recording by greeting your audience, stating the purpose of shooting this video, and how it can benefit them. Then demonstrate the video, suggest beauty products, and offer your review for the same as well.

  • Last, sum up with a call-to-action, like requesting to subscribe to your channel and even share it with friends n family on Facebook and other social media networks.

  • Always remember to take a 'Before' and 'After' photo for the cover thumbnail for your YouTube or Instagram page.

  • You can even run a test recording to check if everything is working flawlessly or not, viz; the audio, video, lighting, your pose, etc.

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Editing the Makeup Tutorial

  • Using a versatile, feature-packed online video editor can do the magic for your makeup tutorial.

  • To use one of these, you would need to access the video editor online and upload the clips and audio of your recording.

  • Next, you need to sync the clips with the audio narration by adding to the timeline and dragging and dropping them to match the right content.

  • Now, the next step is to add text and customize the fonts, colors, and alignment. You can even put one clip over another to create a picture-in-picture effect. In the meanwhile, you can edit the unwanted clips, add emojis, change the playback speed, and make it more engaging.

  • Once the editing procedure is complete, you can customize the intro and outro of the makeup video.

  • Add your brand's logo to the video to build awareness.

  • Last but not least, preview and export the entire video in MP4 format and share it on your YouTube channel or Dropbox for storage.

two women applying makeup and filming it on camera
Photo: George Milton

Final Thoughts

Recording and editing a makeup video can be a cakewalk for you, provided you follow the above instructions step by step. You can even seek help from the InVideo platform for the same. To add value and intensity to your videos, you can even transform yourself into a movie character or a celebrity using makeup. This can prove to be a great kickstart for your makeup channel. Also, learning from the experts can always be a win-win for you. So, check for celebrity makeup artists and how they make their videos, and try adapting and learning from them as much as you can.

Remember, there is no dearth of stylists and makeup artists ready to present their expertise online. To stand out from the crowd, you need to spice up your videos with distinct characters, unique presentations, and exclusive styling that catches the attention and interest of your audience and makes them come back to you over and over again.

Lots of love,