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As a mom on the go, you just don’t have as much time to pull yourself together and think too much about your outfits. That means that having some staple pieces that you can quickly pull together will help you look put together, feel cute, and have something practical on from morning to evening. Moms need outfits that are perfect for running around all day, and there are some pieces that you can pull into your wardrobe that you will find yourself constantly reaching for.

Here are some wardrobe essentials for moms on the go:

  • Cross-body bag

The cross-body style is one of the most popular handbag styles and for good reason! It is available in all different sizes so you can choose the right size (or sizes) for your specific uses, and it is also available in different colors and materials. This way, you can fit your essentials and your kids’ essentials! As such a versatile bag, you can use it for everyday outings, traveling, and so much more. It keeps your hands free so you can do all the mom-necessary things, but still have a cute handbag while it is also practical. If you’re in the market for cross body bags for women, check online on sites like Mirta that have artisanal high-quality bags that will last you years to come.

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  • Jeggings

Jeggings are that cross between leggings and jeans so you still feel and look put together, but they are more comfortable while you are keeping up with your kiddos.

  • Over-sized cardigans

Over-sized cardigans are a must for every mom. They are cozy to wear and look stylish, but they also bundle up for the perfect pillow for your little one or to wrap up in.

  • Denim jacket

A denim jacket is easily one of the most versatile pieces you will ever have in your wardrobe. You can wear it with your favorite jeggings and tee for a more put-together everyday look, or wear it over a nicer evening outfit such as a dress when you want to still be casual enough in case (when) there are messes to clean up with your kids.

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Photo: Thandy Yung

  • Cute sneakers

Cute sneakers are comfortable to run around in and also stylish to wear with any outfit. Luckily, this shoe style is on-trend which makes pulling together trendy/fashionable outfits for moms that much easier. So get that pair of sneakers that is comfortable and helps you stay on your feet, and you’ll find yourself constantly reaching for it!

  • Maxi dress

A maxi dress is an instant outfit, with just one piece! You can wear it with sandals for a casual look and swap in a pair of heeled sandals for an evening, and not spend too much time fussing over your outfit. Wear with any hairstyle and accessories depending on your preference, and you have a stylish outfit. You can also wear a sweater over the top and add a pair of boots to transition your maxi dress into the fall season.

What would you add to this mom-on-the-go wardrobe list?
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