liz breygel beauty blogger step by step makeup tutorial grunge gothic metallic smoky eye

Smoky eyes are my favorite makeup look ever, everyone can rock this look and add something new and interesting to it. I love to play around with the colors, but to tell the truth, there is one color I'm still afraid of using and working with - blue and most of its shades. But there is one simple way to make almost any colorwork good with the makeup look, simply to add a nice amount of the pigments or eyeshadow of the chosen shade on the bottom lash line. Here are a few steps that will help you recreate my Metallic Eye Makeup. 

liz breygel beauty blogger step by step makeup tutorial grunge gothic metallic smoky eye

1. I start with the base for the metallic eyeshadows - creamy eye kohl or pencil with glitter. Put on the eyelid and gently smudge the edge on the crease.

2. Now set the kohl with the chosen metallic dark eyeshadow, try to dab the brush on the lid to receive a pigmented finish.

3. The next step is to blend out the crease with a lighter matte color, for example, gray. This shade will make the transition between the main metallic eyeshadow and highlight mild and soft. Highlight the brow bone with a matte/shimmer white or nude color.

4. And now let's add some pop to the look. I chose indigo-colored pigment for my lower lash line, but you can use basically any color you love or that will fit your look. Add it generously on the lower lash line and blend it out using a lighter matte color or a nude shade.

5. To finish the Smoky Metallic Look I tightline my eyes with a waterproof black pencil, add some mascara on my natural lashes, and put on some falsies. And the metallic smoky makeup is done!

That's all, beauties! This metallic makeup looks gorgeous, but it is super easy to create and you don't need a ton of beauty products to look awesome. Let me know what you think of this makeup and don’t forget to subscribe, all the important links you can find below. See you soon, my lovelies.

Lots of love,