various skincare products by brand Banish on a white studio background

It is very common to have skin problems in winter, freezing temperatures and low humidity leave our skin dry and weak. Acne invasion tends to get even worse during this time of year because bacteria that cause acne flourish in the absence of UV light. But no need to worry. While you are busy with holiday preparation, Banish Acne Scars will take care of your skin. Today I’m going to review each of the products that come in the Banish Starter Kit* and share with you my own experience.

various skincare products by brand Banish on a white studio background

Vitamin C Serum by Banish

The very first product I want to talk about is the Vitamin C Serum by Banish and I love this product very much. This serum is all-natural and its key ingredient is glycerin, so this product is perfect for those who have dry and sensitive skin types. Vitamin C, E, Ferulic Acid helps to reduce fine lines, discolorations, and other skin problems that occur with age.

The Vitamin C Serum absorbs in no time it improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of textured skin, so the skin feels tight, smooth, and young-looking. I like to use Vitamin C Serum by Banish daily as a primer right before I apply my makeup, it has a lightweight texture and a very nice pleasant scent of rose oil.

various skincare products by brand Banish on a white studio background

Vitamin C Beauty Elixir by Banish

The next product in the Banish Skincare Kit is the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir or refreshing facial mist with essential oils and all-natural extracts. The Beauty Elixir comes in a travel-friendly glass bottle with a pump spray at the top. The spray gives the right amount of the product, covering the skin with a dewy thin haze. Thanks to the key ingredient of this product the skin is reliably protected from damage due to sun exposure and pollution. 

Now I have learned to realize that this struggle was given to me to help others. I had come to realize that it’s not the way you look that matters; It’s the confidence to be who you are, without hiding from others. And you can just BANISH the rest. - Daisy

It is so easy to carry the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir in the bag and use it anytime your skin needs some extra hydration. Even though this product is alcohol-free the dewy haze dries immediately, leaving the skin refreshed and hydrated. But my favorite part of this product is its mild fragrance of a summer field and if you are like me a huge fan of wildflowers, you will definitely love to use this product.

Blogger Liz Breygel demonstrates how to use two skincare face masks by Banish

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque by Banish

Winter is a perfect time to treat your skin with some extra care, especially if you have acne or other skin concerns. The Pumpkin Enzyme Masque contains a very special list of ingredients: Vitamin A helps to heal the skin, dries out acne and reduces the skin oiliness, Vitamin C & Beta-Carotene — reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles and improves skin elasticity, Alpha Hydroxy Acids act as a natural exfoliator and gently removes the old dead skin cells. Pumpkin Enzyme Masque by Banish is not only beneficial for skin but also has an awesome scent of a pumpkin pie.

Activated Charcoal Clay Masque by Banish

Blackheads are my main skin problem and I know how difficult is to get rid of them, many girls have the same problem as me. For some reason, blackhead removal strips do not work for them. That is when the Activated Charcoal Clay Masque comes to rescue the situation. It is made of the Italian Green Clay, Zinc Oxide - these ingredients help to clean out the clogged pores and start to process of acne healing, and of course the Activated Charcoal — it removes the dirt and grease of the pores and minimizes their appearance on the skin. The Activated Charcoal Masque by Banish is perfect for those who have oily, acne pore skin or those who are trying to fight the blackhead invasion.

various skincare products by brand Banish on a white studio background

Pore Smasher by Banish

The Pore Smasher by Banish is my favorite product from the kit, the person who created this buddy is genius! The idea of the Pore Smasher is very simple - it is a rolling massage tool and you can use it basically anywhere on your body. The aluminum top of the roller is detachable and you can put it in the freezer for some extra refreshing sensation. But you can also use Pore Smasher to help the absorption of your favorite Banish products, I like to use it right after I apply some Vitamin C Serum by Banish. 

The Pore Smasher is very easy to usage: put it for 20 mins in the freezer and gently massage the skin you can even use it for such sensitive parts of your face as the under-eye area. You will see and feel the incredible results instantly: enlarged pores shrink immediately and the redness and puffiness are drastically reduced.

various skincare products by brand Banish on a white studio background

Derma Roller by Banish

The next two products I want to talk about are very special and I would even say unique. The Medium Banisher is a skin roller equipped with titanium microneedles. It was developed to clean up the skin and even up its tone. Little bristles lightly massage the skin erasing hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, and stretch marks, leaving the skin young-looking, refreshed, and healthy. The other product by Banish is Pen Stamp and it works the same way, but it is more of dot work. 

Everyone gets a single or a few pimples once in a while and the Pen Stamp is perfect for spot treatment of these unwanted guests. I have a chickenpox scar on my cheek and I'm so glad I can finally treat it! Banisher skin rollers come in three different sizes — Pen Stamp, Medium Banisher, and Small Banisher and they serve different purposes, but you can choose a banisher that best suits the condition of your skin.

*It is recommended to replace your Banish Roller after 8 uses because of the risk of infection to the skin from previous uses. For individual use only.

The Banish Skin Care Kit is a total life changer and even though I just started my Banish Acne Scars journey I can hardly remember the last time I had a bad skin day. I'm so thankful to have an opportunity to try out all these amazing skincare products myself I can absolutely recommend the Banish Skin Care Kit to anyone who has problematic skin.

Lots of love,