avon cosmetics setting spray mist review blogger liz breygel buy avon

We all want our makeup to last hours, days, and even weeks! Unfortunately, heat-proof makeup without any extra ''support'' or help is almost fiction, especially for those of us, who have problematic skin types, especially when the weather outside is terribly hot and humid and people who live in the subtropics will absolutely agree with me. But tons of beauty products help us to extend the staying power of the makeup look.

Today I wanted to review and share my opinion on one of these little helpers – Avon MagiX Prime and Set Spray – a multifunctional and invisible mist that primes, sets, and holds your makeup look in place. 

avon cosmetics setting spray mist review blogger liz breygel buy avon

How to Use Setting Spray?

Avon MagiX Prime and Set Spray can be used in two different ways – apply it on a clean bare face before the foundation to prime the skin and/or spray it on your face right after you finish your makeup to set it in place. I have a dry skin type, so I prefer to use a hydrating face primer before applying my makeup, I would recommend following the first step for people with oily skin. I like to spray it a few times in an X or T shape, making sure that I have my entire face covered with this setting mist.

  • Application & Staying Power

The product is great for its price. I can't say that my makeup lasted 24/7, but Avon Setting Spray definitely works and I must admit it. What is important for me is that this spray doesn't dry my skin and feels pretty comfortable. 

Right after the application, the setting spray feels a little sticky, but this feeling goes away in no time, leaving the skin smooth. By the way, it has a nice caring formula that includes vitamins A, C, and E. The product is scent and color-free, so I think people with sensitive and gentle skin will appreciate this. 

avon cosmetics setting spray mist review blogger liz breygel buy avon

Final Verdict...

Avon MagiX Prime and Set Spray currently retail for £6.00 (about $8) and you can purchase them right away on the official Avon website or representative. I have been using this product almost every day for a few weeks. It is a wonderful product for people with oily skin types and for those who struggle to make their makeup last all day long. Thank you so much for reading my post, I hope it was interesting and useful, talk to you again very soon, hugs, and kisses. Which is your favorite setting spray?

Lots of love,