yon ka aromatic phyto facial spray mis picture on a plain background

As the summer approaches, and the hot weather becomes more prominent, our facial skin might need slightly more hydration. Facial masks, lightweight moisturizers, and even lukewarm water can do a lot to help the skin feel less thirsty. But there is one more product, which is often undeservedly forgotten during the summer skincare routine. The face mist, or spray-toner, or hydrating toner (it has a lot of names) can do wonders for dry skin.

In my today's review, I would love to talk about one of such magical potions in the shape of face spray. It is a hydrating & purifying face mist by the French brand Yon-Ka. This face mist is more than just thermal water. It is a whole course of aromatherapy and phototherapy, that you can carry in your bag, and take with you when you need it. 

Yon-Ka Phyto-Aromatic Lotion comes in a beautiful, sturdy glass bottle with a pump-spray on top. The pump provides the right amount of mist, covering this skin with a thin coat of dewy haze. If you want to cover the entire face and neck in mist, you'll need a few portions of the Yon-Ka spray. Before using, it is recommended to shake the product to mix all of the oils together.

yon ka aromatic phyto facial spray mis picture on a plain background

And now, let's take a look at the most interesting, and the most important part of the product — its formula. Yon-Ka claims that 95 % of the ingredients in this mist are natural. There is an anti-stress lavender oil, calming cypress oil, refreshing and invigorating thyme oil, and encouraging geranium oil. All of these essential oils work together towards calming, relaxing, and hydrating thirsty skin.

Ideal for the oily and normal skin types, the Yon-Ka face mist calms down redness and irritations and accelerates the healing process in the cells. The fantastic alcohol-free formula allows using the mist as an aftershave, after a wax, or after exfoliation treatment that will solve any unpleasant sensations. The formula contains no artificial ingredients, silicon, or parabens, therefore it is great for sensitive and acne-prone skin as well.
More than just a toner, this healing mist is a true photo-aromatic fountain of beauty, essential for re-balancing and preparing the skin for everyday beauty products. Alcohol-free, it refreshes, tones, and sanitizes the skin, the energizing effects of its essential oils can be felt throughout the whole body.

yon ka aromatic phyto facial spray mis picture on a plain background

How to use Yon-Ka Face Mist to Hydrate Skin?

To get the best skincare results with hydrating and purifying face mist by Yon-Ka, you'll need to follow a few, very basic steps:

1. Start with clean, makeup and dirt-free skin. To wash away any impurities, use a mild wase wash gel or soap. Gently dry your face with a soft paper towel;

2. Shake the bottle and generously spray your face and neck area with the mist;

3. Use the tips of your fingers to softly massage the mist into the skin, allowing the ingredients to absorb and the mist to dry naturally;

4. The fourth step isn't mandatory, but I like to follow the mist with a lightweight daily moisturizer. I feel like this step ' locks in' the moisture and keeps the skin hydrating for longer.

The fragrance of the face mist by Yon-Ka reminds me of a summer field covered in lavender and chamomile flowers. At first, the scent feels potent and strong, but it slowly fades away and becomes almost unperceivable on the skin. If you love natural scents of dry herbs and essential oils, you will definitely like using this Face Mist by Yon-Ka. Every time I apply it to my face, I feel like I'm sunbathing on a meadow, near a very calm freshwater lake.

To everyone with sensitive, dry and normal skin, I would highly recommend giving Yon-Ka's phyto-aromatic face mist a try. It won' solve all of the skin-related concerns, but will definitely make the skincare routine a more aromatic and calming ritual. This mist is my number one skincare product this summer, and I'm happy to be able to enjoy it. And what about you, lovelies? What do you like using, when your facial skin feels dry?

Lots of love,