woman is wearing beautiful, all-black outfit
Photo: Clarke Sanders

It is widely believed that black clothing isn't appropriate for the summer. Every fashionista knows that black color attracts and absorbs sunlight, converting them into heat energy. Therefore, wearing light-colored tees and jeans feels like a much better alternative to the classic black dress, even if it is little. But what if you aren't a big fan of white or fun colors? Summer does not automatically mean you have to pack away all your favorite black pieces into the compression vacuum bag! There are a bunch of fashion ways that will allow you to wear the darkest shades of black even when the hottest heatwave hits your city. 

#1: Pick a Comfortable Material

Summer fashion is all about the right material, especially when it comes to dark clothes. Natural materials like cotton, linen, and thin silk will allow your skin to breathe freely and you won't break a sweat in your total black summer outfit. The floor-length linen dress paired with opened black sandals sounds like a comfortable and relaxed alternative to thick denim jeans, isn't it? And stay away from synthetics, even though they can look absolutely fantastic. Leather and suede are pretty much a summer-no-no, they are too heavy and stuffy.

woman wearing black, sheer outft
Photo: Anna Avilova

#2: Various Textures

Simplicity is always welcomed in the summer, yet, when it comes to black and dark clothing, simplicity can turn out to look boring. To avoid any dullness in your summer total black look, try to incorporate various textures in your outfit. As I mentioned before, linen is superb for hot days and it has one of the most authentic, cross-cross textures, ideal for modern cottagecore styles

Another option may be the textured muslin, which is both soft and chunky, it is a great material for black summer blouses, dresses, and bed wear. The v-neck black lace dress, beautifully decorated with thin lace, will add some texture to your look and it is thin enough for the summer.

#3: Colorful Accents, Bold Accessories

The all-black outfit, boosted-up with a few vivid accents, technically, isn't a total black outfit anymore. But those little accents can take your look to a whole new level. Pick a simple black bandage dress or strappy jumpsuit with embroidery decorations. Colorful hats, bags, or footwear in the same color palette will accomplish your summer look. You can go further and dilute the blackness of your clothing with a few daring accessories. Colorful bold necklaces, chunky bracelets, and earrings are going to accentuate black outfits beautifully.

woman in summer black outfit
Photo: Godisable Jacob

#4: What About Dark Prints?

If colorful prints aren't an option for you, then you might find darker alternatives to them. Monotone floral, animal, or geometric prints look stylish and elegant in an outfit, especially when paired with simple accessories and darker colors. Go for a loose animal print blouse with skinny jeans or a short floral dress with black sandals. Dark tie-dye print, mixed with brighter colors, is another beautiful alternative to the neon summer colors.

#5: Flash a Little Skin

On the hottest summer days, when the heat is unbearable, don't be shy to flash a little bit of skin. Mesh fabrics, crop tops, and cutouts are, as always, trendy and summer-friendly. Off-shoulder dresses and blouses aren't only looking elegant and feminine, but also allow your shoulders to get some sun. Need some extra ventilation? A front or back-slit skirt or wide-legged pants is going to let your skin breathe. And what are your favorite summer hacks for black and dark clothes?

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