bridesmaids in beautiful dresses and with flowers pose for the camera
Photo: Emma Bauso

Our wonderful bridesmaids deserve a chance to feel glamorous and chic just as much as the main heroine of the wedding ceremony. Of course, for those of you, who already decided on the whole theme of the event is going to be easier to come up with the style and color of the bridesmaids' dresses. However, if you aren't sure about your decision, some of these trendy styles and colors may help you with the final decision. 

Whether you plan to have the wildest and posh wedding or go with the modest motif, this year's bridesmaid trends will cover every little taste bud. Today I've gathered the top 10 of the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses your friends will simply adore. The question is: which ones are you going to pick? 

beautiful woman in a greek dusty pink bridesmaid dress

  • Greek Goddesses by AYA Sacred Wear

The Grecian-style bridesmaid dresses are one of the most gracious and elegant-looking garments. Featuring a low-cut neckline with a tight band along the waistline, this trend is going to help your lovely ladies release their inner goddesses! 

Such a simple and relaxed yet so romantic trend is ideal for a budget-friendly wedding ceremony, where the filling prevails over the form. Accessories the Grecian-style bridesmaid dress with flower wreaths and other floral elements.

beautiful woman in a dusty blue bridesmaid dress

  • Dirty Glacier

If you plan a peaceful outdoor wedding, somewhere on the shore of a lake or in the mountains, you might want to consider a calm color palette for the ceremony. The dirty glacier shade of bridesmaid dresses is going to be on top. Plus, this color looks fantastic on every skin tone and fits everyone. Go for a set of identical blue-toned dresses or pick a few different, slightly mismatched shades of blue. Your besties may help you come up with the right decision.

beautiful woman in a green floral bridesmaid dress

  • Floral Fantasy by Teuta Matoshi

Floral dresses never go out of style! They can be your classic cottagecore-styled midi dresses with laces and checkered patterns, or posh strawberry dresses made with luxury see-through fabrics. The result is one and all – everyone is in style and happy. 

But, don't dress all of your girls in the same style, better try giving each one a personal flower or fruity element on a dress. Together they'll create a vibrant ensemble, an eye candy for everyone at your wedding.

beautiful woman in a boho bridesmaid dress

  • Flowing Bohemian by Leanne Marshal

For the free-spirited brides and their whimsical weddings, consider the ethereal beauty of bohemian bridesmaid dresses. Flowing fabrics, floral embellishments, and delicate lace details create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a boho-chic celebration. 

The only question you'll need to answer here – long or short bridesmaid dress? It can be hard to choose! Boho chic style accepts anything, so the venue must help you to make the decision.

beautiful woman in a pastel green bridesmaid dress

  • Dreamy Pastels by Maids to Measure

Just like florals, pastels never go out of bridesmaid trends! These soft hues evoke a sense of romance and serenity with dreamy pastel bridesmaid dresses. Soft hues such as blush, mint, and lavender create a charming and cohesive color palette that complements various wedding themes.

Final Thoughts...

So, there you have it! Aren't these truly the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses you've ever seen? I know you'll approve of this choice. Remember, your bridesmaids are your chosen family, and their presence is the greatest gift on your wedding day. So, focus on creating a look that celebrates their beauty and reflects the joyful spirit of your celebration.

Lots of love,